Cathedral St Patrick s Day New York City Everyone is celebrating but everyone is in for the shock of his life Born into the heat and hatred of the Northern Ireland conflict IRA man Brian Flynn has mastermind

  • Title: Cathedral
  • Author: Nelson DeMille Scott Brick
  • ISBN: 9781600248177
  • Page: 183
  • Format: Audiobook
  • St Patrick s Day, New York City Everyone is celebrating, but everyone is in for the shock of his life Born into the heat and hatred of the Northern Ireland conflict, IRA man Brian Flynn has masterminded a brilliant terrorist act the seizure of Saint Patrick s Cathedral Among his hostages the woman Brian Flynn once loved, a former terrorist turned peace activist AmongSt Patrick s Day, New York City Everyone is celebrating, but everyone is in for the shock of his life Born into the heat and hatred of the Northern Ireland conflict, IRA man Brian Flynn has masterminded a brilliant terrorist act the seizure of Saint Patrick s Cathedral Among his hostages the woman Brian Flynn once loved, a former terrorist turned peace activist Among his enemies an Irish American police lieutenant fighting against a traitor inside his own ranks and a shadowy British intelligence officer pursuing his own cynical, bloody plan The cops face a booby trapped, perfectly laid out killing zone inside the church The hostages face death Flynn faces his own demons, in an electrifying duel of nerves, honor, and betrayal.

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    One thought on “Cathedral

    1. Kemper

      In the early ‘80s a group of Irish terrorists seize St. Patrick’s Cathedral and take hostages during New York’s St. Patrick’s Day parade. It’s hard to believe that this never got adapted into a movie starring Bruce Willis.Maybe it’s because this isn’t the story of a single action hero trapped with a group of bad guys. In fact, this is more like The Taking of Pelham One Two Three than Die Hard with its depiction of how political agendas and public relations creep into a hostage situ [...]

    2. Andrea

      Cathedral was one of DeMille's early books. It was first published in 1981. As I read the book, I continued to note how different the story is, pre-9-11, from more current writings.I also compared this book to The Marching Season by Daniel Silva, another story about the Troubles in Northern Ireland.A former member of the Provisional IRA, turned reformer and member of Amnesty International Maureen is in New York to speak upon the occasion of St. Patrick's Day. On the day itself, she is standing i [...]

    3. Malcolm

      I wanted to like this book -- because DeMille is my leading guilty pleasure these days.But I couldn't finish it. The droning, consistently overwrought roll in the hay he has with being Irish and the Irish mentality I never want to read about the color green again.Take your leprechauns, your "Saint Paddy's" day, and your IRA with guns and go home. It was also very difficult to take to bed because the names all wash together in a great potato and beer sea of Irishness.Jean O'Sullivan, Paddy O'Sh [...]

    4. Marcie

      Not as good as By the Rivers of Babylon (it's one of those compilation books). Actually Cathedral is not very good at all. It's a story that you know how it's going to end, but you think the ride there is going to be full of fun and Irish bullshit and typical DeMille biting wit. And it's just not. Wow, this man gets so much better as he gets older, thank God. I have a whole shelf of DeMilles to attest that.Nobody writes male/female back-and-forth better than DeMilleter in his career. But I guess [...]

    5. Bonnie Faust

      This was my least favorite Nelson DeMille book. It started out well; DeMille was able to romanticize the IRA and their cause to hook the reader before it moved to "present day" NYC. From here, things started to unravel.First, the names. Way too many characters. And they all have Irish namesFitzgerald, Finnegan, Flynn was near impossible to keep up with them and try to remember which one was the IRA terrorist and which was the NYC investigator. Top that off with a few of the characters also havin [...]

    6. Barbara

      I didn't think I was going to like this based on the subject matter, but another excellent book by DeMille. An oldie, but a definite must read!

    7. Clyn

      I really enjoyed this book. It's really the first book I've read that confronted the issues between England and Northern Ireland. I'm sure the issues weren't presented in all their complexities, but it seemed a lot like any other long-standing conflict. One group does something to the other, that may be well within the common practices of the day--Just or unjust as that may be--and then the other group retaliates, and the cycle continues destroying the lives of everyone it touches. No one is wil [...]

    8. David

      DeMille, as always, writes a thrilling story with some careful plotting, twists and turns. In this novel, I.R.A. Terrorists (or Freedom Fighters I guess, depending on your point of view) take control of St. Patrick's Cathedral on St. Patricks day. With military weapons and explosives we pretty much have "Die Hard" in a large church.However, there is so much political wrangling and double wrangling. Are things really as they seem? Are these particular terrorists really backed by the I.R.A. or are [...]

    9. Steve

      Great book about an IRA terrorist group that takes over St. Patrick's Cathedral on at the end of the St. Patrick's Day Parade.I had read this book back when I was in high school at the recommendation of my good friend Andrew Cox. Aside from being a great book, it lends itself very well to answering HS English essay questions such as, 'Compare and contrast two characters' or 'If you were stuck on a deserted island with a character from a book you have read, who would it be?' because of the cast o [...]

    10. ScottBreslove

      As you always get from DeMille, an exciting, suspenseful read. It seemed like he really hasn't found his voice yet, as this was one of his earlier books, and the way that the characters are introduced in the beginning was a bit jumbled, rushed and confusing. But he always is a master at what he does and this book doesn't disappoint. The story kept you guessing at every turn of the page, I couldn't figure out even the slightest of what was to come. Some great characters, I'd love to hear more fro [...]

    11. Kate

      This is an older Nelson DeMille book that I had missed reading. It dates from 1981 and I enjoyed reading the names of places that I used to know during that era that are long since gone. Marine Midland Bank Building is now called the HSBC Bank Building. Trader Vic's at the Plaza. Lots of Irish bars. History has dated this book. No longer is the proposed destruction of a NYC landmark novel. Terrorism has changed over the past few decades. For me the book bogged down about 60% - 75% through and co [...]

    12. Online Critic

      This story drags and could have been reduced significantly. I never connected to any particular character in part because there were too many point of views and all the males were testosterone-infused, sarcastic, tough guys. The other big issue is the basis of the story and conflict between the Irish, Brits, and States. It just isn't realistic. Oh and this seems to pervade in several of DeMille's stories. For an army guy to use the term automatic pistol that his cops seems to own. Cops aren't gi [...]

    13. J. Ewbank

      DeMille has written a book about the Irish and British problem that many will not want to read because of the story. However, he has written a powerful story about the possibilities of the conflict coming to America and how it is handled with duplicity, double and triple motivations, and some interesting characters. A good book.J. Robert Ewbank author "John Wesley, Natural Man, and the Isms" "Wesley's Wars" and "To Whom It May Concern"

    14. Eugenia O'Neal

      This is one of my favorite political thrillers. The suspense was edge-of-your seat and the characters believable! I've read a few others by deMille and I think this is the best.

    15. Sridhar Babu

      AUTHOR Nelson DeMileCHARACTERS Patrick Burke, Maureen Malone, Brain Flynn ( Finn MacCumail), Megan Fitzgerald, Father Timothy Murphy, Harold Baxter, Cardinal (of St.Patrick not mentioned), Joe Bellini, Inspector Phillip Langley, Major Martin, Captain Bert Schroeder and othersLOCATION Belfast,Ulster,(Northern Ireland) and St.Patrick Cathedral (New York city USA)GENRE ThrillerPLOT St. PATRICK's DAY NEW YORK CITY.!!! Everyone is celebratinging the New York's most fantastic St.Patrick d [...]

    16. Loree Harrell

      I'm on the fence somewhere above 3mething and below 4 on this book. While I actually have a preference for long "reads" in audio [20 hrs and 1 min in this case], it is likely that I would have washed out on this one in print. It seemed like the last 20 story minutes leading up to the 6:03 deadline took about three real-time hours, and I started rooting for the bomb a bit.On the other hand, it served the purpose of prolonged escapism at a point that escapism was needed, and I learned a bit new ab [...]

    17. Mary

      It Ain't Easy Being Green (Irish)The action and suspense make you feel like you are in a full-Nelson (De Mille). The story captures your imagination and emotions. The plot is logical without being obvious. The characters are fully fleshed out warts and all. The aromas from this Irish stew tantalize the reader. We are going to Ireland soon and do not plan to pack any Orange outfits. Erin Go Bragh.

    18. Newtek30

      RivetingFully developed characters . Suspense! The action continually flows, constantly building into the exciting climaxGood Read!In fact, after I finished the last page, I text the title to my friend and suggested she read it.

    19. Michael Croucher

      I always enjoy DeMille's books, and this one was no exception. It was a bit heavy on detail, but the plot was so compelling I didn't mind. This was one hell of a story, a very satisfying read.

    20. Dark Knight

      I liked the book very much but it rushed at the end, with no emotion just trying to wrap up things and leave. All the details and construction of characters pointed to a great finale but

    21. Barbara

      This book was just too long. I listened to the audio which was in 18 parts. I think it should have been edited to 10. I've read a view Nelson DeMille books and enjoyed them. But not this one

    22. Ruth Everhart

      I've read many Nelson Demille books and loved the intriguing stories. This book is my least favorite. I ended up skimming the last chapters of the book as I couldn't stand it any longer. Too many characters , too much description of the cathedral and as others have said , you know how it will end.

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