L'ultima moglie di Enrico VIII

L ultima moglie di Enrico VIII Catherine Parr ha soltanto sette anni quando durante un torneo il suo destino incrocia per la prima volta quello di Enrico VIII il re d Inghilterra Tra il sovrano e la bambina scatta subito un inte

  • Title: L'ultima moglie di Enrico VIII
  • Author: Carolly Erickson Anna Luisa Zazo
  • ISBN: 9788804597315
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Paperback
  • Catherine Parr ha soltanto sette anni quando, durante un torneo, il suo destino incrocia per la prima volta quello di Enrico VIII, il re d Inghilterra.Tra il sovrano e la bambina scatta subito un intesa che li terr in vario modo legati per tutta la vita, ma Catherine non pu certo immaginare che un giorno, passata anche lei attraverso vari matrimoni, finir con il diventaCatherine Parr ha soltanto sette anni quando, durante un torneo, il suo destino incrocia per la prima volta quello di Enrico VIII, il re d Inghilterra.Tra il sovrano e la bambina scatta subito un intesa che li terr in vario modo legati per tutta la vita, ma Catherine non pu certo immaginare che un giorno, passata anche lei attraverso vari matrimoni, finir con il diventare la sesta e ultima moglie di Enrico Coraggiosa, romantica, colta e appassionata d arte, Catherine assister a congiure ed esecuzioni e solo grazie alle sue arti diplomatiche riuscir a sfuggire miracolosamente alla morte Catherine vincer la sua battaglia, ma il costo sar molto, molto elevato In L ultima moglie di Enrico VIII, Carolly Erickson narratrice e storica d eccezione ricostruisce il ritratto umano di una donna di straordinario fascino e complessit che ha fatto la storia dell Europa Un avvincente romanzo biografico nel quale ricerca documentaria e verve narrativa si uniscono per dare vita a un intrigo ad alta tensione emotiva.

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    One thought on “L'ultima moglie di Enrico VIII

    1. Gracee

      This book is ROYALLY irritating. Carolly Erickson is a "distinguised historian turned popular novelist" - I would have hoped the simple task of getting the right order and personage of Catherine Parr's multiple marriages could have been achieved. The lack of getting even these basic facts straight really bothered me in the beginning of the book. However, trying to keep in mind that it is simply a work of fiction helped me read through it for the most part. The truth could have been stranger, and [...]

    2. Susanna - Censored by GoodReads

      Very, very bland. Somehow Erickson made the Tudors boring, which I didn't think was possible.

    3. Orsolya

      This is one of my favorite Carolly Erickson books. Although like all of her works, she took many historical liberties to enrich the story; it worked. The novel is rich with imagery, emotional context, and personifications. Yes, some of the timelines and facts are a bit off and the readers whom read history book on the Tudor times will notice these instantly but hey, so did "The Tudors" on TV and you still watched that! In fact, this books reads sort of like an over-dramatic episode of The Tudors [...]

    4. Rachele

      È stato molto interessante leggere la storia, anche se molto romanzata, dell'ultima moglie del re Enrico VIII (in pratica quello che cambiava le mogli come se fossero calzini 🙈) , proprio perché non molto nota e studiata. Solo la parte finale del libro non mi è piaciutatanto furba a gabbare il vecchio re, ma completamente inutile e senza flemma con il suo amato Tom, che la infinocchia da dritto e da rovescio! E poi la sua morte è proprio brutta

    5. Emma

      This book was absolute rubbish. I found myself tutting out loud whenever I came across a historical inaccuracy (which was depressingly often) and I actually threw the book across the room when I read that Catherine was sleeping with Thomas Seymour whilst married to the King. WTF. ?!?!?!?!?! WHY would she do that? Didn't she JUST warn Katherine Howard a couple of chapters ago that she was an utter idiot for sleeping with someone when married to Henry?!?! I skimmed the last 3 or 4 chapters of this [...]

    6. Hillary

      I loved this book so much but when I got to the end of the book . I wished their was more to the story like maybe another book where the ending left off at . I will be reading more books by this author in the future . I am happy someone decided to write more about the last wife of king henry the 8th because their is not a lot known about her . I would love to read more books about her because she was able to live and be queen of England while being married to king henry the 8th . She helped so m [...]

    7. Empress5150

      It seems lately that respected historians, previously noted for their excellent non-fictional accounts of various important figures, have taken to writing historical fiction about these same subjects. I've read many books by Erickson about The Tudors. She also wrote an excellent accounting of the life of Marie Antoinette; "To The Scaffold".Now, she's turned to historical fiction and, although the work was relatively engaging and I made my way through it quickly, it simply was not as enjoyable to [...]

    8. JG (The Introverted Reader)

      Catherine Parr's mother is a lady-in-waiting to Catherine of Aragon, Henry VIII's first wife. Her life intersects with Henry's in various ways like this through the years. She loves, marries, mourns, and just generally lives her life until Henry beheads wife number five, Catherine Howard. It isn't long before Henry's avaricious gaze falls on her as wife number six.I think I was expecting something a little meatier. There is so much drama in that whole period, juicy material shouldn't be hard to [...]

    9. Chrstina Scholtz

      Catherine Parr was the 6th and last wive of Henry VIII and the wife I knew least off, hence my interest in reading this book.The overall story is told well and keeps you involved, however, the many historical errors made it a frustrating read at times.Not sure I will actively hunt other books by this author.

    10. Gaijinmama

      To be honest, it was just OK. 4 of 5 stars here on , and that is being very generous. On the positive side, it was interesting to hear the "voice" of the Tudor wife who survived.She seems to get much less attention than, say, Anne Boleyn or Catherine of Aragon, and her story is a prime example of how an intelligent woman survives in a society where she has no power over her own life.The biggest negative for me, however, was the fact that I just don't like the author's writing style.With such a f [...]

    11. Angela Joyce

      I do not wish to be venomous, so I will say that this book is fanciful. It is fanciful like a romance novel (oops, for me to say that is venomous). Next time I take a work of "historical fiction" from a shelf, I will first check for a bibliography. If it has none, it goes back on the shelf. Mary Boleyn had a half-wit son by Henry VIII? It was Thomas Seymour who committed the crime that Thomas Culpepper was accused of? People were drinking tea in England that year? Lady Rochford flashed the crowd [...]

    12. Lynn

      Full review at books-n-music/201. This was the 13th Literary Wives read (find us on FB). . I believe I am the only hosting blogger who truly enjoyed this one. I felt as if I truly learned what it might be like to live as a woman/wife in 16th Century Tudor England, and that's what I always want in a historical fiction novel! I really respected and liked Catherine Parr, though I was disappointed that she had an adulterous affair. Though if you check our reviews some of the other bloggers felt this [...]

    13. The Book Maven

      Holy crap, thus far I am completely unimpressed with this book. My first and actually, only beef with it is that it is historically inaccurate. It portrays Catharine as a teenage girl who marries a young man after she begs the king to intercede and prevent her family from marrying her to the young man's grandfather. Um, that is TOTAL POPPYCOCK. In real life, Parr's first husband was, in fact, a very elderly man, the grandfather that she does not marry in the book. Why would the author deviate so [...]

    14. Abc

      È stata una lettura piacevole, anche se l'aspetto storico si perde un po' nel grande lavoro di fantasia dell'autrice, al punto che non saprei se definirlo un romanzo storico o un romance.Tuttavia è bello trascorrere qualche ora in un'epoca lontana, alla corte di Enrico VIII. Ovviamente sappiamo tutti che razza di personaggio fosse questo monarca, che nella sua vita non ha fatto altro che cambiare moglie a ripetizione, nutrendo sempre la speranza di poter avere un figlio maschio che gli succede [...]

    15. Elena

      My relationship with this book was a complicated one. It started out badly, because I found the beginning of the story to be terribly boring: even though I liked Cat, I could not get involved in her story, and I even thought about abandoning it. Luckily, the book improved for me after she met Thomas Seymour, and after she got more directly involved in Henry VIII's court. Overall, I think the book is nothing special, but it has some aspects I appreciated.First of all, I really liked that, through [...]

    16. Merry Bones

      I wanted to like this book, I really did. I generally love anything to do with the Tudors, and I enjoyed the author's book, The Hidden Diary of Marie Antoinette, so I had some reasonable hopes for this one. Much as I tried, though, I couldn't get into it. I would read, and read, and read, come up for air and find I had only managed to read a few pages when it felt as if I had been reading forever. There were times when it showed promise and I felt a little more engaged. I think my problem with i [...]

    17. Lois Clark-Johnston

      I really liked this book. It was told from the pov of Catherine Parr-the last wife of king henry viii. The author took quite abit of license with accepted historical fact-for instance she has her first husband as her age when history shows both of her first 2 husbands as having been older men. However, she was a strong and likable protagonist-I was drawn into the story and really cared about what happened to her. It is also tragic in a way because she manages to outlive Henry and keep her head-t [...]

    18. Bookwoman7

      I guess I did things a little backward and got into the work of Phillipa Gregory after I discovered Carolly Erickson. "The Last Wife of Henry VIII: a novel" follows Katherine Parr, who is pursued by the king following his dispatch of Catherine Howard. As a member of the court, Katherine has witnessed first-hand the demise of his past wives and determines to avoid marriage to the King. Finally, forced into acceding to his wishes, she is able to garner a writ from Henry, which does not allow her t [...]

    19. Rita Berk

      Told in the first person, Catherine Parr recounts her life. She married for love, miscarried his child when he was accidentally killed, married an older man who died, was ready to marry for love again when King Henry asked her to be wife number six and she could not refuse. When Henry died, she did marry her love but he was not of good character. Court intrigue, jealousy, and schemes abound. Fun historical novel.

    20. Ashley

      It is really tough to go wrong with historical fiction, and this author delivers. I had never read about this time and place before, and I found myself googling to distinguish fact from fiction on this one. This is a good, light book to read on vacation or when work is just too much. It will take you to another world.

    21. Bettie☯

      Read by Terry Donnelly. UnabridgedGreat historian turned rogue. Will I like the romantic swerve *shrugs* later - Nope, I didn't like the romantic swerve at all, no surprise there I suppose*shrugs*

    22. Michele

      Two stars is the result of a cheesy storyline coupled with an irritating narration. It's only redeeming point was it's brevity. Not recommended.

    23. Barb

      Just couldn't do this one after reading half of Mary Luke's 'The Ivy Crown'. I thought the dialog was pretty unbelievable and the characterizations and motivations were too simplistic.

    24. Ann Latner

      I've read almost every book I could get my hands on about Henry VIII and his wives -- clearly a fascinating topic, not just to me but to many authors out there. Far fewer books have been written about Katherine Parr than about Catherine of Aragon or Anne Boleyn, but Parr was special because she was the wife who outlasted Henry. The book spans most of Parr's life, from a small child at the Field of Gold where her mother, a lady in waiting to king's first wife, Catherine of Aragon, was attempting [...]

    25. Karen Galber

      this book tells the story of Katherine Parr, the last wife of Henry viii. I t is told in the first person from Katherine's point of view. It might not be historically accurate at all times but this is a novel

    26. Deborah Wysinger

      This book got better as it went along. Had a very choppy beginning. Not the best book I've read about Catherine Parr.

    27. Tara B

      I enjoyed the writing but I did not enjoy it as much as I enjoy CW Gortner. It also wasn't very historically accurate- which was annoying to look things up to be sure I was correct

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