Takeover In the tradition of Kathy Reichs and Jeffery Deaver a talented novelist introduces a gutsy forensic investigator caught in the middle of an explosive crisisEarly one Thursday morning forensic scient

  • Title: Takeover
  • Author: Lisa Black
  • ISBN: 9780061835506
  • Page: 257
  • Format: ebook
  • In the tradition of Kathy Reichs and Jeffery Deaver, a talented novelist introduces a gutsy forensic investigator caught in the middle of an explosive crisisEarly one Thursday morning, forensic scientist Theresa MacLean is called to the scene of a gruesome murder The body of a man has been found on the front lawn of a house in suburban Cleveland, the back of his head bashIn the tradition of Kathy Reichs and Jeffery Deaver, a talented novelist introduces a gutsy forensic investigator caught in the middle of an explosive crisisEarly one Thursday morning, forensic scientist Theresa MacLean is called to the scene of a gruesome murder The body of a man has been found on the front lawn of a house in suburban Cleveland, the back of his head bashed in Although it s not the best start to her day, Theresa has been through worse What unfolds during the next eight hours, though, is nothing she could ever have imagined.Downtown at the Federal Reserve Bank, her police detective fianc is taken hostage with six others in a robbery masterminded by two clever criminals When she arrives at the scene, Theresa discovers that the police have brought in the city s best hostage negotiator handsome, high profile Chris Cavanaugh He hasn t lost a victim yet, but Theresa wonders if he might be too arrogant to save the day this time around.When her fianc is injured, she seizes the opportunity to trade places with him Once on the inside, she will use all her wiles, experience, and technical skills to gain control of the situation But what initially appears to be a bank heist turns into something far complex and deadly, and Theresa must decide how much she is willing to sacrifice in order to save the lives of innocent people as well as her own.

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    One thought on “Takeover

    1. Robert

      What really stuck out in my mind more than anything else as I was reading—and even now as I sort through my thoughts as I purge my brain and write this review—was the setting. The detail and painstaking care with which Lisa Black conveyed Cleveland led me to believe she had either lived there or had done an extensive amount of research on the city. So finding out she was a Cleveland native who felt like she had been violently and dramatically uprooted and shoved in the direction of Cape Cora [...]

    2. Daniel

      Here's the set-up:A forensic scientist and her fiancé, who is police, find the dead body of some banker guy.HEROINE: I have to find out how he diedANCE: Bye honey! I have some leads to follow.Someone is robbing the bank! The banker guy used to work here! Mr. Fiance is one of the hostages!HEROINE: I have to save my fiancé.EVERYONE ELSE: What are you doing here? Let the experts handle this one NEGOTIATOR: I have a perfect record for saving hostages.EVERYONE ELSE: Dude, you so should not have sai [...]

    3. Carol

      I can't figure out where I read about this author in the last few days. I read lots of reviews and reader blogs so it may have been on one of these. Or it could have been in an article about September 2009 releases. This is annoying me and I'd like to remember so I could back and see what prompted me to go looking for Lisa Black's first book, Takeover. I do know that I was intrigued that Black is a forensic scientist at the Cuyahoga County Coroner's Office and that her character in this book, Th [...]

    4. Teresa in Ohio

      I chose this book because it is set in my hometown of Cleveland. The author got the details correct on the setting and even the direction of what you see when looking north, south, east or west. With her next book ( if there is one) I hope to get that much detail correct with the plot. The day starts with the discovery of a body on a lawn in an exclusive suburb and ends with a bank robbery gone wrong. The main character works in the Crime lab and is dating a cop who works the case. It is typical [...]

    5. Melissa

      Good book but it wasn't as thrilling as I would like. I prefer more action and in some parts it was a little slow. However I would definitely try more from this author.

    6. Jodi

      I had a variety of problems with the story in the beginning. She chose to set this at the Federal Reserve Building in Cleveland even though the Fed is not allowed to provide any information about its layout or how it works. She kills an compliance examiner even though I am not sure she knew what that meant. It won't matter to most people but I am a compliance officer. It is my industry! It was difficult to remember that our main character is a forensic investigator not a cop. The premise was tha [...]

    7. Minty McBunny

      I read book #6 first by accident and really enjoyed it. This book, however, was not nearly as good. I like Teresa, but the hostage situation caused the story to really drag, it was much too long for the story it told and the reveal of what was actually happening was done in a very awkward and ham-fisted manner. Since I know the series gets better, I will go on to read the next one, but if it's as much of a struggle to get through as this one, I may skip ahead.

    8. Yvonne (It's All About Books)

      Finished reading: December 3rd 2015"Love has to be balanced," she said as they reached the reception desk, "with being a human being. You can't trulydo one without being the other."(view spoiler)[I keep telling myself that I'm not reading enough mystery/thriller books, so I tried reading Takeover by Lisa Black to help me get out of my reading slump. It didn't work. Not only does the plot lacks imagination and the pace is dreadfully slow, but the story itself is just plain boring. The whole my-fi [...]

    9. Tiffany

      I'll be brutally honest here, the only reason for why I read this book was because I was going through my bookshelves and doing inventory of all the books that I have, and setting aside the ones that I no longer wished to have on my shelves. I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep this book or if I wanted to part ways with it forever. Since I've done a serious re-read of this book and took a far more in-depth look at the book, I have decided to set it on the pile that's heading out to the monthly libr [...]

    10. Paul Pessolano

      Theresa MacLean, a forensic scientist, in Cleveland, Ohio is called to look into the murder of Mark Ludlow. Mark was found outside his house with fatal head injuries. Mark is discovered to be an employee of the Federal Reserve Bank.Two escaped convicts have taked over the Bank and are holding hostages. Among the hostages is Theresa's lover and police officer, Paul Cleary. Also, the wife of Mark Ludlow and their youn son are part of the group.A hostage rescue team is called in headed by Chris Cav [...]

    11. Christy

      Theresa MacLean is a forensic scientist called to gather evidence at the murder of a bank officer which her fiancé, homicide detective Paul Cleary, is investigating. Later that morning, she learns that Paul has been taken hostage in a bank robbery which occurred at the bank where the slain man worked. Theresa heads to the scene and meets acclaimed hostage negotiator Chris Cavanaugh. Theresa convinces Cavanaugh to allow her to stay on during the negotiation and watches in horror as her fiancé i [...]

    12. Kristen

      This is a great thriller. Set in real time and in the course of one day, it's reminiscent of 24. We really get involved with Theresa MacLean and her ordeal in this thriller. As a forensic scientist, we're hooked into this thriller, when things go bad to worse. Started out as a crime, we wafch Theresa become a strong single mother and in love with her fiance. But when her world's turned upside down by a hostage crisis. As the clock counts down and ticks down the hours, my heart beat races along w [...]

    13. Aiesha

      This book was GREAT!! There were so many things going on that it kept my mind busy trying to figure out what in the world was going on and why! Just when I started to think one thing, something else would happen to add a whole new twist to an already complicated situation. I like books that tell the same story but from different perspectives so that you can get different views of what is going on. Lisa Black had lots of detail and did a great job of sucking you right into this crazy situation fr [...]

    14. Magpie67

      Riveting first book for a series!!!! Forensics and a bank robbery mixed for a ride on the very edge of your seat. Grabbed me after one page and didn't let go until the very end! I'm very excited to read the rest of the titles in the series! A new author for me in 2012 and one that rocks the forensic world!

    15. Phyllis

      What a good book. Just finished this book, got about halfway and could not stop reading even though I thought I had it figured out. Well was almost right. First book in her series think I will read more.

    16. Mary

      This was a cool book because it took place in downtown Cleveland OH, so I was familiar with all the streets & of course the main library!!! Not the best thriller I ever read, but a change of pace for me.

    17. Sarah Boylan

      ContrivedThere are better CSI-type novels out there. I didn’t feel as if I liked any of the characters, therefore, I ended up annoyed or irritated by their actions as I read the book. Also the author could have improved the words/language she used, it was quite hokey in some places. I would recommend it.

    18. Mcvalens

      This is the movie of the week thrilled in book format. Interesting enough to keep me reading but but not crazy exciting. on to something new.

    19. Alan

      A hostage situation, Some well developed characters. Nice twist at end. A well known and used formula for a novel but overall a good read

    20. Laura

      TakeoverLisa BlackHarper Collins10 E 53rd St.; New York, NY 10022-5299(212) 207-7528 harpercollins978-0-06-154447-7, $ 7.99, July 2009This novel starts out at the site of a grisly homicide, a male is found with his head bashed in. Our main character is Theresa MacLean, a forensic scientist who is engaged to Paul Cleary a homicide Detective. His partner is Theresa’s own cousin, Frank Patrick. While at the crime scene, Theresa aka Tess discovers that somebody went to great lengths to clean up th [...]

    21. Leslie aka StoreyBook Reviews

      Reviewed for Rebeccasreads“Takeover” is the first in a new thriller series by author Lisa Black. Lisa is a forensic scientist so the topic of this book is very familiar to her. She previously worked in Cleveland where the story is set but now resides in Florida. The second in this series, “Evidence of Murder” will be published in August 2009.Theresa MacLean is a forensic scientist living in Cleveland with her daughter, Rachel, and is engaged to a Paul Cleary, a local policeman. She is ca [...]

    22. Abbe

      From Publishers Weekly When high-level executive Mark Ludlow is discovered beaten to death in front of his house early one morning, forensic scientist Theresa MacLean and her fiancé, homicide detective Paul Cleary, investigate in Black's underwhelming debut, a thriller set in Cleveland. Paul immediately heads downtown to interview Ludlow's co-workers at the Federal Reserve Bank and walks right into a botched robbery attempt and hostage situation. Lucas Parrish and Bobby Moyers want $4 million, [...]

    23. Robyn

      If you're anti-spoiler like me, maybe don't read this until you finish the book.This book wasdifferent from what I thought it was going to be. I think I misled myself a bitI picked this up in the mystery section, so I thought it was going to be a crime-solving thing. Nope. Then, given the author's background of forensics, I thought this book would be CSI-y styled. There were good details which did indeed help us learn about the criminals behind the heist. But it didn't exactly solve the caser di [...]

    24. Debbie Oxier

      This one kept me turning the pages to the very end. It was the first book by this author I've read. It was well written, fast paced and I really liked the main character. Theresa MacLean is a forensic investigator called to the scene of a murder where she finds a man with his head bashed in. She begins to work the case but a short while later learns her police detective fiance has been taken hostage at the Federal Reserve Bank along with six other people. Chris Cavanaugh, the top negotiator is c [...]

    25. Sandy

      I was dealing with my own conflict as I read this book, as my eyes were reading the words as fast as they could yet my hands wanted to turn the pages faster as the drama was building. I was afraid of skipping too many words as I read for fear of missing something important but I really had a hard time putting this book down and I had a life to live, didn't I? When I first started this book, I had second thoughts about what I was getting myself into, as the book revolves around a forensic scienti [...]

    26. Michael

      Patricia Cornwell fans get ready for some competition. There's a rookie writing forensic science based story with a character that rivals Dr. Kay Scarpetta."Takeover" by Lisa Black is a very impressive debut. Theresa MacLean is a forensic scientist and is called to the scene of a brutal murder. Also at the scene is Det. Paul Cleary who is due to wed Terry in a few months. The victim is a bank manager so Paul goes to the bank to ask further questions.When he's at the bank, two robbers hold it up [...]

    27. Denise

      2.0 out of 5 stars Implausible sophomoric effort, July 17, 2008This review is from: Takeover (Hardcover)Possible spoilers. I was really disappointed in this book == it never quite got off the ground. The premise -- a forensic scientist somehow gets involved in hostage negotiations during an attempted robbery of a Federal Reserve Bank - was implausible and poorly developed. The characters were one dimensional and never developed into people I could find any degree of sympathy or concern for. It w [...]

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