Rock 'n' Roll Mole

Rock n Roll Mole Mole has a rock n roll soul He wears a leather jacket even in summer and shades even at night and he can strut just like his idol Mick Badger But then Mole s friend Pig plans a talent show and to

  • Title: Rock 'n' Roll Mole
  • Author: Carolyn Crimi Lynn Munsinger
  • ISBN: 9780803731660
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Mole has a rock n roll soul He wears a leather jacket even in summer and shades even at night , and he can strut just like his idol, Mick Badger But then Mole s friend Pig plans a talent show and, to everyone s shock, Mole refuses to play He s a rock star, see just as long as no one s watching The night of the big show, Pig is ready for his sizzling dance number,Mole has a rock n roll soul He wears a leather jacket even in summer and shades even at night , and he can strut just like his idol, Mick Badger But then Mole s friend Pig plans a talent show and, to everyone s shock, Mole refuses to play He s a rock star, see just as long as no one s watching The night of the big show, Pig is ready for his sizzling dance number, but wait his iPod s broken Can Mole step up and save his friend s rep, or will the bright lights and big crowds make him shake in his shades This tale of loyalty and self esteem crackles with rockin comedy for every generation perfect for every kid, and their parents and grandparents

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      262 Carolyn Crimi Lynn Munsinger
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    One thought on “Rock 'n' Roll Mole

    1. Robyn

      My only complaint with this one would be the story was a tad too long. My 3 year old kept telling me she as done with it as I kept reading! So perhaps a story for the older kids, especially as she didn't "get" the moral of the story but I explained it to her (she didn't care, she wanted the next book, dang it!)

    2. Viviane Elbee

      I love the illustrations in this very funny picture book, about a mole with a rock and roll soul. My kids both laughed and asked for re-reads. (They both love music).I think it is a tad on the long side and the subject (stage fright) might be better suited to older preschoolers who can sit through longer stories and elementary students than to younger toddlers.

    3. Jenny

      Mole has a "rock-and-roll soul" and his favorite hero is Mick Badger. (He also likes Moo 2 and Goose Springsteen.) :) Mole, like my 4 year old, loves to sing and dancewhen he is all alone but completely freezes in front of an audience (in my daughter's caseeven if the audience is just mom and dade sings and dances to her heart's content when she thinks no one is watching/listening, but stops as soon as she sees one of us looking in her direction!) When his friend Pig decides to hold a talent sh [...]

    4. Edward Creter

      This is rock history for kids at its best! A totally rockin mole is kinda down on himself, comparing himself to other artists he sees on videos like Moo 2 (featuring Milk-Bono with his bravura cut, Sunday Milky Sunday), Mick Badger ("I Can't Get No Radish Faction!") and let's not forget the smooth sounds of Goose Springsteen (his Dancing in the Honk has left little goslings swooning with love!). Can our holy moley get his mojo back and rock the farm? Call this one Farm Aid Farm! This book rocks [...]

    5. Lisa

      This was so much fun! Mole likes to rock 'n roll but he is afraid to perform in an upcoming school talent show. Of course, with the help of his friend, Pig,he overcomes his fear. It's a simple plot, but beefed up by the humorous writing and characters. You gotta love the 'chicks' that follow Mole aorund (they are actual fuzzy yellow chicks) and the poster sof his rock n roll idols--Goose Springsteen, Mick Badger and Moo2. Not only is Crimi's writing stellar, but the art by Lynn Munsinger is ador [...]

    6. Sheri

      Story about a mole who wears a leather jacket and sunglasses and plays the guitar. His classmates are impressed but he isn't able to play in the talent show because he has stage fright. But mole saves the day for the other talent when their ipod breaks and they have no musical accompaniment. Love the art in this picture book and the friendship story. Cute friendship story where Mole has to solve his own problem in the end. I liked the way the story was developed without 3 events to solve but one [...]

    7. Megan

      Mole had a rock-and-roll soul. He woke up every morning with his electric guitar in hand saying "Let's rock the house." He wore a leather jacket in the summer and sunglasses even at night. He even had his own groupies. But even though Mole had strut and style he unfortunately had very big stage fright. He eventually overcame his stage fright and saved the day for his best friend, Pig. But not without a few hardships along the way.I like that while this story teaches about overcoming your fears, [...]

    8. Bridget R. Wilson

      Mole likes to rockbut only by himself or with an audience of one. Mole's dilemma is stage fright. Can he overcome his fear and save the day at Pig's talent show?What I thought: I can't wait to use Rock 'n' Roll Mole is story time. The story sings, if you'll forgive the pun. I like that Mole has a common fear and he overcome it. (I never liked public speaking!) The illustrations are great. I'm a huge fan of Lynn Munsinger. My favorite illustrations are Mole waking up, imitating Mick Badger, and a [...]

    9. C

      This book is hilarious and fun. Humor for adults and kids of all ages, well illustrated. Some might object to the colloquial language, but it's what kids hear everyday. Includes a reference to ipods. My only beef is that the only female characters are the "chicks" (groupies). But it's not like my daughter is sheltered enough to think that's all girls are capable of.

    10. Monica

      Read it to six and seven year olds today and they enjoyed it. Some of the humor went over their head like the three "chicks" ( actual baby chicks) swooning and fainting over Mole. These jokes would be appreciated by the older crowd. The theme of friendship and overcoming fears is understood by all ages.

    11. Danielle Simmons

      Mole is a rocking mole who is a popular kid at his school. Although he appears to be all cool and collected he is really terrified of rocking out his guitar in front of his peers. When it comes down to it he has to decide whether to help his friend, pig, or run away in fear. Choosing the latter, he overcomes his fears and is the star of the show. Semester II

    12. Robin

      Mole likes to rock out at home but is nervous to share his musical side with others. When a friend sets up a talent show, Mole is reminded to forget his fears and focus on having fun. Adorable and upbeat!

    13. Alice

      I understand where mole is coming from. I like music and I write songs, but I don't want people to hear them, or I am too shy to let people hear thembut Mole has talent and he is shy but when his friend Pig needs him, he saves the day. Good book about over coming shyness and friendship

    14. Peacegal

      Cute concept involving a rock and roll-loving mole who is secretly petrified by stage fright, and what he does to overcome it. The slang words and phrases seemed a little out-of-place for the intended audience, and will go over most tots' heads.

    15. Ryan

      Some of the play on words in this book are great. The pig sizzles… at dancing, he mole doesn’t want to perform in front of people, and the chicks dig the mole. Cute doesn’t cover it. Rock on dude!

    16. Chris

      Mole is ultra-cool -- his strut, his leather jacket, and his shades all prove it. And hi music is great. Buthe can't perform in front of an audience. He gets stage fright. Then his best friend, Raccoon, puts on a talent show and Mole has to come to his aid.

    17. Kendra

      It's cute for adults, but most of the jokes are going to fall flat for kids. It could be turned in to a music lesson for them and would also be great for starting a conversation about puns, slang, etc.

    18. Mandy

      Mole is a rock star from the shades & jacket he wears, to the way he plays his guitar like a legend. When his friend Pig asks him to play in front of the whole school, he worries he will become a legendary mess up.

    19. Stephanie Cox

      A cute story about animals that put on a talent show. My 8 year old liked it and she learned some new words.

    20. Aimee Owen

      This rockstar mole must overcome stage fright to help his best friend! This story is pure platinum!

    21. Naomi Blackburn

      Meh, bored me. Nothing really stood out as great about this book. Even the illustrations were mediocre and typical in a kids book.

    22. Brittany

      Posters on the mole's bedroom wall include: "Mitch Badger"=Mick Jagger & "Moo Two"=U2.What more can a story for kids possibly need!?!?!This story had me from the start.

    23. Adriana Guillen

      This book was amazing teaching students to motivate each other and help overcome fears with something you love. For mole it was music that led him to overcome stage fright.

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