Wait Until Dawn

Wait Until Dawn Book four in the Southern Spirits SeriesBeware of what follows you back from the dead Detective Rich Montoya was attacked by Sheriff Stenley s stalker in When the Dead Speak A year later Rich is havi

  • Title: Wait Until Dawn
  • Author: Bailey Bradford
  • ISBN: 9780857154927
  • Page: 155
  • Format: ebook
  • Book four in the Southern Spirits SeriesBeware of what follows you back from the dead Detective Rich Montoya was attacked by Sheriff Stenley s stalker in When the Dead Speak A year later, Rich is having a rough time, haunted by a malevolent spirit that s making his already fragile existence hellacious.Rich, who s kept to himself for the past year, is scarred than phyBook four in the Southern Spirits SeriesBeware of what follows you back from the dead Detective Rich Montoya was attacked by Sheriff Stenley s stalker in When the Dead Speak A year later, Rich is having a rough time, haunted by a malevolent spirit that s making his already fragile existence hellacious.Rich, who s kept to himself for the past year, is scarred than physically The last thing he thinks he needs is a lover, little does he knowChris Neeland is a big guy who drives a big rig, and all it takes is one look at the sexy, wounded man driving the cute little Miata and Chris is sunk His mystical mother always told him love would hit Chris like a bolt of lightning, fast and hard and not without pain, but he kind of hadn t believed her until he meets Rich.Reader Advisory This book is part of a series but may be read as a stand alone title.

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    One thought on “Wait Until Dawn

    1. ♥Laddie♥ (Lee Lee)

      Wait Until Dawn is Rich Montoya's story. In the second book in the series, Rich was held hostage and tortured by a madman/murderer/rapist while in McKinton helping out his sheriff friend, Laine Stenley. It turns out that Rich was cut up, has too many scars to count, and died twice while in the hospital.The way the story opens is heartbreaking and it chilled my blood. It's been a year since Rich was tortured, and during that time he's been haunted by a malevolent spirit. No, he's more than haunte [...]

    2. Eva Millien

      Detective Rich Montoya’s already fragile existence is being made even more hellacious by a malevolent spirit so the last thing he needs is a lover in this gripping paranormal romance. Rich and Chris’s story is one that had me holding my breath with anticipation of a well-deserved HEA and there was no way that I could put it down once I started reading it. Note: These books can be enjoyed if read out of order as I have done but the sequence of the events as they play out is interrupted which [...]

    3. Love Bytes Reviews

      4.5 Heart Review by TammyRich Montoya is living a nightmare, literally. Twelve months ago Detective Rich Montoya went to McKinton to help his old partner Sheriff Laine Stenley catch his stalker when he was attacked and tortured so badly no-one not even the doctors thought he would survive. Rich survived dying twice on the operating table, it was whilst he was dead that the spirit of Laine’s stalker, his torturer, entered his body and all of his current problems started.Rich just wants to die; [...]

    4. Lena Grey

      Demonic possessions are probably the most frightening of all paranormal events. The entity possessing another person is often the spirit of someone psychological unstable and has an unresolved issue with the person they are haunting. The demon is angry and therefore hostile and evil. They are relentless in torturing their victims until the person's will is totally broken. In 'Wait Until Dawn' by Bailey Bradford, Rich Montoya has firsthand knowledge of possession because he's in the midst of one. [...]

    5. Angela Goodrich

      Wow! The intensity of the series really ramped up in Wait Until Dawn. After finishing When the Dead Speak, I was expecting Matt and Rich to be the subject of All of the Voices. When Matt found his partner in book three, I assumed that Rich had been relegated to simply being support cast who wouldn't be back. Boy was I wrong. And so very glad of it. Unbeknownst to everyone, Rich has spent nearly every day since he left McKinton reliving his attack at the hands of Laine's stalker. But Rich's torme [...]

    6. Eva

      3.5 stars rounded up to 4This installment of the Southern Spirits series revolves around Rich and Chris. Rich was left scared both physically and mentally after the search for Laine's stalker in the book When the Dead Speak. A year later, Rich has withdrawn from his dad and all his friends. As the story begins we see Rich at his lowest point, haunted both figuratively and literally and ready to end it all by killing himself. However another presence stops him and with his pain meds and booze mys [...]

    7. Caroline Brand

      REVIEWED FOR PRISM BOOK ALLIANCERich Montoya is not a stranger to this series and last time we were with him he was fighting for his life and after being tortured by Connor’s murderer. This book catches up with him about a year on from the attack and doesn’t find him in a good place. He has manipulated his friends and family into thinking he’s doing ok when in fact he’s very close to ending it all. He has been left with the scars both physical and mental but he also has one very angry an [...]

    8. Tam

      3.5 starsThis is book 4 in a series, but you don't need to read the others to read this one, you get enough back story. Rich is a former cop who was tortured and nearly killed by a serial killer. His whole body was scarred and he's managed to push everyone away and try to bury his pain in a bottle of pills and booze. There is a paranormal aspect to this, where it seems that the evil soul of the killer invaded Rich and he has images of torture and rape and death. Just as he's about to kill himsel [...]

    9. Kara

      While I liked this book. It just moved way to fast for me. You have Richard who is battling a spirit that is attacking him after his was attacked and tortured trying to help Laine in book #2. Then there was Chris who is a truck driver Richard meets on the way to Laines for help who also happens to be a wiccan. Well I felt like they meet then the next scene then what felt like 20 minutes later they were getting it on in the back of Chris's truck already in love. While I love insta love books I ju [...]

    10. QUEERcentric Books

      Reviewed by Christina for QUEERcentric BooksWait Until Dawn is the fourth story in the Southern Spirits series by Bailey Bradford. This is probably also the darkest of the books so far.We get to go back and re-visit Rich Montoya who was tortured by McAlister, the lunatic who was after Sheriff Stenley in the second book, When the Dead Speak.When we first see Rich again he’s been holed up in his apartment. He’s suffering from PTSD from his experience and is self medicating with pain pills and [...]

    11. Gwengwel

      3.5 starsI really love this book, you really can see the progression of this writer even in the short time the first to fourth book was released. I agree mostly with the review Laddie wrote. Less one thing. The guy is suicidaire, have problems with alcool and meds and his father let him go to McKinton by himself, on his car??? The only possible reason for that it's because it's serve the writer, she had an idea how she want the two MC to found themselves. Because that's completely illogical and [...]

    12. Sherry Bohrmueller

      Wait Until Dawn by Bailey BradfordM/M4 starsI was given this book by Inked Rainbow Reads for an honest review. This book was about Rich, who was tortured in book two and Chris a truck driver who helped Rich out on the side of the road. Once again instant sex. You have too feel so bad for Rich for all he went through being tortured. Chris was a good choice for him, he was very caring. The story seemed a little rushed, I'm still not sure how Rich got the spirits gone. But once again I liked the pa [...]

    13. Mandy*reads obsessively*

      The beginning was difficult, the suffering Rich is still going through is painful to read about.The insta-attraction between Rick and Chris was done well.The book was too short to really get into Rich's withdrawal, since I believe he would have to go through more than just the few days he did, and the ending felt really rushed, like I was missing how/what/when/ the "spirits" did or went? Are they gone? What happened? But it was a good read, And I will definitely read the next one.

    14. Ter

      3.5 - 4.00Really good holds your attention till the end. The ending seemed really rushed. The whole story Matt is battling these spirit(s) within himself. But when we get to the part getting rid of them it was over within a couple paragraphs. Would have liked to seen less sex scenes with Laine and Sev, I liked they were in the story but could have done without their sex scenes and more on Matt's story.Over all I really like this series, the ending on this one was just too rushed.

    15. Addicted2M/M

      Liked the characters, especially Rich's Dad. I hope he visits McKinton in a future book. It was nice getting a glimpse of some of the earlier characters, especially Sev. I would have rated it higher, but the ending lacked the detail of the beginning of the book, almost as if the author got tired of the story and wanted to get it over with.

    16. Blackravens Reviews

      Wait Until Dawn is creepy scary and sexy all rolled into one engrossing book. To read the rest of this review, please visit blackravensreviews/?p=

    17. Eyre

      I really wanted to see Rich's story, and Chris is perfect for him. I just wish this one had been longer and that things hadn't been resolved so quickly.

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