Ghosts and More Ghosts

Ghosts and More Ghosts Stories of Ghosts Haunts Spooks Spells and Witchcraft for Young PeopleThese ten stories written by an expert in the art of the strange the spooky and the suspenseful will give you hours of p

  • Title: Ghosts and More Ghosts
  • Author: Robert Arthur
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Paperback
  • 10 Stories of Ghosts, Haunts, Spooks, Spells and Witchcraft for Young PeopleThese ten stories, written by an expert in the art of the strange, the spooky, and the suspenseful, will give you hours of pleasantly shivery reading mixed with chuckles to relieve the tension.

    • ☆ Ghosts and More Ghosts || ñ PDF Read by ☆ Robert Arthur
      186 Robert Arthur
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    One thought on “Ghosts and More Ghosts

    1. Melki

      One of the best books I read last October was Alfred Hitchcock's Ghostly Gallery. Since my favorite stories from that wonderful volume were all by Robert Arthur, I wasted no time scouting around for some of his titles. Sad to say that despite Arthur's having written more than 1000 magazine stories, 500 radio scripts, and at least 75 television scripts*, there's not a lot available. Don't get me wrong - he's published tons of stuff, notably the Alfred Hitchcock Three Investigators series . . . bu [...]

    2. Raja99

      This was one of the two or three books that had the biggest impact on me as a kid; I read it many times, and probably can't be objective about it.Interestingly enough, it was also the first book I reviewed on . Here's that review, which I posted on July 15, 1998:Great book of spooky tales for childrenI discovered this book when I was the perfect age for it, and I still enjoy it today. It's a collection of ten stories about ghosts and the supernatural with a little fantasy and science fiction (i. [...]

    3. Jim

      One of my favorite books growing up. I would read it every October and often inbetween. I finally found a new copy since my original was so worn out. It is still as good today as when I first read it.

    4. Amy (Other Amy)

      Wow, I can't believe I found this. I didn't remember anything but the cover, but looking over the stories in this collection, this is THE strange tales collection for my childhood. Every one of these stories has stayed with me.The stories:Footsteps InvisibleMr. Milton's GiftThe Rose Crystal BellDon't Be a GooseObstinate Uncle OtisDo You Believe in Ghosts?The Stamps for El DoradoThe Wonderful DayMr. Dexter's DragonHank Garvey's Daytime GhostI found it because I was looking for "The Rose Crystal B [...]

    5. Whitney

      As a somewhat precocious kid who liked to creep herself out, I really took to these stories. Especially "The Rose Crystal Bell." and "Footsteps Invisible," the latter of which would make an excellent radio drama, if there was still such a thing.

    6. agatha

      I remember reading this book over and over as a kid. Imagine my delight when I was cleaning out a box of random 'crap' my mom had put away when I moved out (sorry, mom, for how long you've been my free storage solution) and pulled it out again. I'd completely forgotten every story except for vague memories of "Do You Believe In Ghosts?"Ghosts & More Ghosts is a collection of (from an adult point of view) somewhat tame ghost stories. But while tame, they are also unique enough to make themsel [...]

    7. Isabelle

      There are two stories that I remember from this book, and still give me the shivers to this day: "Footsteps Invisible" and "Do You Believe". The others stories are just okay.

    8. Meghan

      Probably the first ghosty collection I ever read. It belonged to my Uncle. This is still one of my very favorites, though it looks to be hard to find now.

    9. Dana Weiczman

      I have a copy of this book, and Mysteries and More Mysteries, and Thrillers and More Thrillers that I would sell together or separately. Message me if interested.

    10. Scott

      “It was a weird sort of sound he heard, a shuffle-shuffle then a click…” One of a collection of short story’s found in the book Ghosts and more Ghosts by Robert Arthur Jr. Footsteps Invisible narrates the tale of a blind newspaper salesman Jorman who has the uncanny ability of telling his customers by their footsteps and the story of Sir Andrew who is being chased around the world by something that always tracks him down. This story holds so much of what scares me in a good horror story. [...]

    11. Richard

      An enjoyable collection of classic-style ghost stories intended for precocious kids who like to creep themselves out. This was one of my cherished books when I was young, and I still enjoy going back to it now and then. I agree 100% with IziEzi that "Footsteps Invisible" and "Do You Believe in Ghosts?" are the stand-outs.Some of the stories feel a little dated, having been written in the early 1940s (so they already felt that way back when I read them). But I suspect even a post-Gen X kid will s [...]

    12. Julie

      A childhood favorite. A collection of truly eerie short stories, so many of which have stayed with me for nearly 40 years.

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