Kidnapped This memorable favorite among students is the story of young David Balfour an orphan whose miserly old uncle cheats him out of his inheritance and schemes to have him kidnapped shanghaied and sold

  • Title: Kidnapped
  • Author: Robert Louis Stevenson John Seelye
  • ISBN: 9780451527684
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Paperback
  • This memorable favorite among students is the story of young David Balfour, an orphan, whose miserly old uncle cheats him out of his inheritance and schemes to have him kidnapped, shanghaied, and sold into slavery But justice triumphs after a spirited odyssey which includes a shipwreck, a hazardous journey across Scotland, intrigue, and narrow escapes Rich in action aThis memorable favorite among students is the story of young David Balfour, an orphan, whose miserly old uncle cheats him out of his inheritance and schemes to have him kidnapped, shanghaied, and sold into slavery But justice triumphs after a spirited odyssey which includes a shipwreck, a hazardous journey across Scotland, intrigue, and narrow escapes Rich in action and characterization, this exhilarating novel is considered by the author himself to be his finest work.

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      449 Robert Louis Stevenson John Seelye
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    One thought on “Kidnapped

    1. James LafayetteTivendale

      "I have seen wicked men and fools, a great many of both, and I believe they both get paid in the end, but the fools first." We find ourselves in Bonny old Scotland - circa June 1751 - King George and the red-coats rule this empire. Following on from the Jacobite Revolution; we are introduced to an innocent teenage gentleman known as David Balfour. To initiate the narrative; David and the minister, Mr. Campbell discuss the necessity for a journey that our young hero should take following the unti [...]

    2. Jason Koivu

      Why haven't I read more Stevenson? Perhaps because from what I can tell his writing feels as remote and cold as the Scottish Isles. It can be beautiful in its way, but you often forget it's there in favor of more popular destinations with more color and pizzazz. In a way, Kidnapped feels a little like the Scottish version of Dumas' The Count of Monte Cristo, which I was never overly fond of. Something about the story doesn't grab me. Although it should, as I just recently endured a similar situa [...]

    3. Jan-Maat

      The problem I have with this rereading it as an adult is the same as reading The Black Arrow. Stevenson manages to be both engaging and silly - sometimes at the same moment, but luckily the human brain is capable of multi-tasking even in the middle of a paragraph.Isn't the relationship between Alexander and Ebenezer Balfour which drives the narrative too ridiculous? The elder brother giving up his inheritance and becoming a village teacher out of luck is one thing and hard enough to believe (why [...]

    4. Kathleen

      "Alan," cried I, "what makes ye so good to me? What makes ye care for such a thankless fellow?""'Deed and I don't know," said Alan. "For just precisely what I thought I liked about ye, was that ye never quarrelled--and now I like ye better!"Historical fiction, an adventure story, but also a great "buddy story". The plot follows young David, who is cheated out of his inheritance by a greedy uncle, and kidnapped into servitude on a sailing ship. The ship hits a small boat during a fog and picks up [...]

    5. Werner

      While the above description suggests, misleadingly, that all of protagonist David Balfour's adventures take place on the "high seas" (he only gets as far as the treacherous coastal waters of his native Scotland, and the great majority of the story takes place on land), the rest of it is pretty apt. This is Romantic historical adventure fiction at its finest (that is, fiction from the Romantic school, with its stress on appeal to emotions --here, excitement, fear, sympathy, moral indignation, adm [...]

    6. Duane

      I don't know how the rest of young David Balfour's life turns out, but his early adventures where amazing. Set in 18th century Scotland during the Jacobite period, David, a loyalist to King George, and his friend Alan Stewart, a Jacobite, seemingly travel the entirety of the Scottish Highlands hiding in the rocks and heather from rival clans and the British Army. Character lessons abound, especially for young David. Just a fun book to read.

    7. Carol

      Young David Balfour begins and ends his harrowing adventure with evil Uncle Ebenezer (the old rat) with many mishaps in between. After being nearly murdered, then kidnapped and shipwrecked, Davie uses honesty and intelligence to his advantage while hoping to seek justice in the end. The inclusion of Scottish history throughout makes for an entertaining story, and the introduction gives an informative recap of significant dates in the life and literary career of RLS including how he came to write [...]

    8. Sarah ~

      إنها قصة ديفيد الفتى الصغير من"اسبندين" الواقعة بـ ريف سكتلندا وتبدأ بعد وفاة والده بقليل عام 1751عندها غادر قريته قاصدا "كراموند" بالقرب من أدنبرة حيث يقطن عمه وهناك تتسارع الأحداث عندما يصل إلى منزل العائلة الذي يسكنه العم حاليا قصة مغامرات شيقة تدور في البر والبحر ومع أقارب [...]

    9. Erin ☕ *Proud Book Hoarder*

      “There are two things that men should never weary of, goodness and humility; we get none too much of them in this rough world among cold, proud people.”I guess I’m just not going to be a big fan of Robert Louis Stevenson, which is a shame since he wrote classic adventure-filled maritime fiction. As with Treasure Island, the beginning promised more than what was delivered, although Kidnapped ended up being the better of the two because of the satisfying ending.I liked the first half more th [...]

    10. Alex

      This was my third Robert Louis Stevenson book, and they've all been five star reads for me. That makes him one of the most consistent authors I know of.Kidnapped recently showed up on the Guardian's list of the 100 best English novels, and I guess I might have put Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde there instead; I still feel like it's a deeper book. But the Guardian chose this instead, mostly because of its Scottishness. It's a gripping adventure book first and foremost - dude gets kidnapped, headed for a [...]

    11. Raúl Omar

      Kidnapped became my default recommendation because of two reasons: 1. none of my friends has read it (not even heard of it) and 2. it is awesome. Let me be honest: I didn´t know this book existed, I acquired Kidnapped because it was on sale, it had a cool front cover design and I liked the back cover description which seemed just nice.I wonder why this book is not as popular as other Robert Louis Stevenson’s work, I’m guessing it's because the novel is way too Scottish for any reader who ha [...]

    12. Paul

      Kidnapped was one of my "audio classics," the public-domain audiobooks I listen to on my phone when I'm walking the dog, washing dishes or shopping. I picked it on a whim, not knowing anything about the plot – presumably, someone gets kidnapped – and was pleasantly surprised. The first half of the book especially is exciting, filled with suspense as the protagonist arrives at his uncle's house and tries to figure out why he's being received so coldly, even treacherously. The book has attempt [...]

    13. Jonathan Kranz

      Here's a book that's simultaneously well-known AND under-appreciated. If asked, I suspect most people would regard Kidnapped as an adventure story for boys -- and, in a sense, it is. Alan Breck is rightly remembered as one of the most dashing of romantic heros and the story has plenty of sword play and scheming. But I was pleasantly surprised by how adult the story is. Alan may be romantic, but he's an ambiguous character. Did he commit murder? Is his Jacobite crusade really on behalf of the Sco [...]

    14. Shiku

      David Balfour, a Lowland boy, is sixteen when his father dies. What he left behind is only a letter that tells David to go to the Shaws; there he'll find his inheritance. David follows his father's instructions and meets his uncle Ebenezer - an awkward person that conceals more than he tells David about his family. Things are getting nastier, and finally, Ebenezer tries to kill David. When this doesn't work, he pretends to give up and wants to see an advocate. David feels safe - and suddenly he' [...]

    15. Anthony Chavez

      Oh the aptly dubbed "boys" novel. Kidnapped is a delightful adventure story with just the right doses of humour which will make you feel one with the 16 year old naive, yet good natured, thrill seeking protagonist David Balfour.This bonny tale is set a few years after the Jacobite uprising (1746) in Scotland, when the English were still trying very hard to break the unity of the Highland clans, with the help of the Lowland Scots, who had sworn themselves in as His Majesties subjects. Many of the [...]

    16. Luís C.

      An adventure novel "old age" with a classical writing, notions of honor clan and family names, pirates and benefactors, grounding, a grueling walk in the heather of Scotland and a young boy who becomes man. A map of Scotland and the different clans involved would have been welcome in book publishing but follow the adventures of David Balfour, not always smart, was pleasant.

    17. Santiago

      A great historical novel, with lots of adventure. It is set in 18th century Scotland, around the time of the Appin Murder. I know nothing of the Scottish history of the period and yet understood the historical background pefectly. Stevenson (a Scot himself) treates the Scottish Highlanders sympathetically. I found the plot engaging and the descriptions of historical and geographical backgrounds interesting and colourful.Young David Balfour goes to the old ruined family house of Shaws to request [...]

    18. Hadley

      I remember reading this quite a while ago when I was fairly little and remember it being quite confusing and uninteresting at that time. Later on, I ended up reading Treasure Island by RLS and absolutely adored it, so I figured I'd give Kidnapped another go. As with Treasure Island, I love a good seafaring tale, and that was most of what I remembered of this book. I guess my memory didn't serve me so well. The beginning of this story does have some excitement, including intrigue with David's Unc [...]

    19. Amy

      5 stars, primarily for the audio book. I doubt I could have made it through the book if it weren't for the Audio CD. It is a wonderful adventure with historical significance and action but with decidedly Scotch language. What I like most is how realistically hardship is portrayed. You can almost feel the exhaustion, dehydration, worry, etc. David's actions can be unlikable. Alan can be a pest. Yet both are in the end devoted to each other and fun to read about. This book also proves that cliff h [...]

    20. Robin Hobb

      I was fairly young when I read this, and felt a bit frustrated that I didn't know the history behind the book. Why was Alan on the run? It says a great deal that despite my ignorance, the sheer adventure sustained me and kept me reading to the end.

    21. Leslie

      Well, 4.5*I enjoyed Michael Page's narration very much & his Scottish burr seemed spot on to these American ears. Betrayal, friendship and adventure in 1751 Scotland with some Jacobite politics in the background What fun!

    22. Elisabeth

      Re-read, January 2017, and another one that I enjoyed better than before. Alan Breck has to be one of the most memorable characters in English literature.

    23. Marsha B

      I was pulled to and fro throughout David Balfour’s journey. There were moments I felt connected and then there were times I was ready to be at the end of the book. The unlikely loyalty between characters gave the story an interesting and hopeful light. Overall, I enjoyed the walk through a part of the Highland history, which are part of my roots, so that definitely gave the book a special place for me.

    24. Richard

      "Kidnapped" is based on certain real events which are outlined in the Preface written by Stevenson's wife. Broadly speaking, the case of Balfour himself is evidently loosely inspired by another celebrated level case involving an uncle kidnapping a nephew to prevent the latter coming into an inheritance. Stevenson takes all these elements and creates a brilliant, exciting adventure novel peopled with vivid characters. Set in the Highlands of Scotland the events are infused with local colour and o [...]

    25. Eyebright

      I loved this book, just as much, if not a little more than Treasure Island. It follows David Balfour as he is kidnapped, shipwrecked, and falls in with an outlaw. One thing that I liked about this book, is that despite Alan and David's differences of politics, and other things, they got along extremely well. It was a good example of not making a fuss over things that are not really important under the circumstances. Also, I really liked Alan Breck.

    26. Affan Khan

      There is a very good reason why Robert Louis Stevenson's books are still made into movies. Take, for example, the Disney animated hit Treasure Planet, which was based on Stevenson's Treasure Island. The book is just as rousing an adventure now as it was more than a hundred years ago, and has therefore been the subject of many movie adaptations and the inspiration for countless other children's novels since then.Although somewhat lesser known, Stevenson's Kidnapped is no less timeless. Following [...]

    27. Martha

      Robert Lewis Stevenson can spin a yarn, no doubt. His writing is grand! He is now on my list of favorite authors. Treasure Island to read . . . . XT!What a history lesson I learned reading Kidnapped. I didn’t know about “The Forty-Five”, the Second Jacobite Rebellion of 1745. I don’t remember any history lesson in school regarding the Jacobites and their struggle, and the Appin murder in Scotland. In this edition I have, there is a good section of historical background regarding the rebe [...]

    28. Sud666

      Robert Louis Stevenson wrote "Kidnapped" as a story that could be read to a child and that they would enjoy it. This is absolutely true. Kidnapped is a great story.It is the story of young David Balfour. After his parents death he strikes out to find his inheritance. Unfortunately, his Uncle on his father's side has other plans. This begins the trials of young David as he is kidnapped on board of a ship sailing to the Americas. On this ship he meets his traveling companion and erstwhile savior- [...]

    29. Maruf Hossain

      আরেকবার রিভাইজ দিয়া দিলাম। ছোটবেলার পড়া আর এখনকার পড়ায় তফাত আছে। তখন পড়তাম আর মজা পেতাম, এখনও মজা পেতেই পড়ি, তবে ছোটবেলার মতো অতটা নিষ্পাপভাবে পড়তে পারি না। দৃষ্টিভঙ্গি একটু হলেও বদলেছে, বদল [...]

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