The Black Rood: The Celtic Crusades: Book II

The Black Rood The Celtic Crusades Book II LAWHEAD KNOWS HOW TO SPIN A TALE BooklistIn a time of legends and heroes blood and mystery one man will carry on his family s destiny as he sets upon a dangerous and glorious quest The Great Crusade

  • Title: The Black Rood: The Celtic Crusades: Book II
  • Author: Stephen R. Lawhead
  • ISBN: 9780061739354
  • Page: 260
  • Format: ebook
  • LAWHEAD KNOWS HOW TO SPIN A TALE BooklistIn a time of legends and heroes, blood and mystery, one man will carry on his family s destiny as he sets upon a dangerous and glorious quest.The Great Crusade is long over, or so Duncan, son of Murdo, believes until a long lost uncle appears from the East bearing tales of immense treasure Though the Iron Lance had been won for LAWHEAD KNOWS HOW TO SPIN A TALE BooklistIn a time of legends and heroes, blood and mystery, one man will carry on his family s destiny as he sets upon a dangerous and glorious quest.The Great Crusade is long over, or so Duncan, son of Murdo, believes until a long lost uncle appears from the East bearing tales of immense treasure Though the Iron Lance had been won for the emperor, an even holier relic has been found the Black Rood the prayer worn, blood stained remnant of the True Cross now endangered by the greedy ambitions of ruthless crusader barons bent on carving kingdoms from the desert sands of the Middle East.When Duncan s life is shattered by tragedy, he sets sail on his own pilgrimage to Jerusalem, following in the footsteps of his father But the gates to the Holy Land are guarded by the warrior priests known as the Knights Templar These fearsome guardians hold the key to than just Duncan s fate the very destiny of the West is in their hands HISTORICAL DETAILS BRING THE SETTING TO ROBUST LIFE Publishers Weekly

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      260 Stephen R. Lawhead
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    One thought on “The Black Rood: The Celtic Crusades: Book II

    1. Marcia Chocinsky

      I felt this book was much better written than the first in the series. I enjoyed it more and the story was much more satisfying. I will take a break before reading the last in the series, as I have read the two back to back.

    2. Neil

      This is the second book in the Celtic Crusades. I thought it was well-written and moves at a good pace; it introduces the reader to other elements living in the Holy Land during the time of the Crusades [both Christian and non-Christian]. It follows the pilgrimage of Murdo's only son Duncan after the family discovers the True Cross has been discovered and then desecrated by the Crusaders in their mad bid to gain complete control of the Holy Land. Most of the novel is told in first-person in the [...]

    3. Lance

      This has been a thoroughly satisfying sequel to "The Iron Lance". In the tradition of the best fantasy sequels, Lawhead builds on the fascinating world of the Middle East during the 12th century crusades, expertly continuing to recount the lineage of the avaricious characters met in the first books, including both Bohemond II and Baldwin II, whilst increasing the cultural diversity of the setting by introducing minority Christian sects such as the Copts and Armentians.Duncan, son of Murdo, vows [...]

    4. Dion

      7/10The pacing, structure, and plot have all improved from the first book in this series. This makes for much more interesting, compelling reading. It’s really historical fiction, not fantasy, with a dash of “what if”.

    5. Jack Vasen

      This book is extremely slow moving through most of it. It is a first person history written in captivity with a death sentence looming. A good part of that describes the captivity in detail.This book does not condemn either of the two major Christian churches as much as the first book did. Nor does it seem to me to be as good a telling of the history of that period as the first book.I didn't like the way the ending was handled. It was wrapped up so quickly with little elaboration.I don't think t [...]

    6. Heather

      Rating C-Review This book is just another example of Stephen Lawhead doing the things that he does well, well (and continuing to do the things he does poorly, poorly). In comparison to Book #1 in this series, I think The Black Rood built off that set-up and provided additional interesting glimpses into life in the Middle East in the 12th Century. Lawhead does active description really well (I have the mental imagery of a pig torture scene in my mind and it's probably going to haunt me for some t [...]

    7. Annette

      I enjoyed this second book in the "Celtic Crusades" series. Set about 35 years after "The Iron Lance," the main character is Murdo's second son, Duncan, who hares off to the Holy Land after another sacred relic, the True Cross. Unlike "Lance," "Rood" is told in first person, taking the form of a letter Duncan hopes to send home to his daughter to explain why he became embroiled in the adventure he fully expects will lead to his death. A host of likable characters are introduces, and the adventur [...]

    8. Jared Leonard

      Again taking on a title of a Catholic relic, the second installation of this trilogy continues the quest to find relics associated with Christ's death. Here we find that Murdo's son has taken up where his father can no longer participate, seeking out the True Cross to which Jesus was nailed. The rood is said to have regenerative powers capable of healing any ailment, disease or otherwise, even bringing one back from the dead. The main character, Duncan, is fleshed out quite well while the other [...]

    9. Suzanne

      p. 437 "I am reconfirmed in the realization that not only are the past and present woven of the same thread, the past is neither dead nor distant; it continues to exert a genuine and potent force on both present and future, on all that is and is to come. I have come to believe that we are none of us so estranged from our ancestral heritage that we no longer feel its age-old rhythm in the pulse and flow of the blood through our veins. The lives of previous generations can be traced in the lines o [...]

    10. Elaine

      A rather disappointing second installment to the "Celtic Crusades". It was really too long drawn out, with a much less appealing protagonist. The bulk of the narrative came in diary form-which read rather stilted. The journey undertaken by Duncan occupied most of the narrative-with a limited amount of information and action surrounding the quest for the holy relic. It was still a good enough read, and I look forward to the final installment-but hoping it is more balanced than part 2, which faile [...]

    11. Mike

      The second book in Lawhead's Celtic Crusades trilogy doesn't fail to deliver. A great continuation from The Iron Lance. Lawhead captures and portrays the feel of the ancient Middle East as a Scottish man, Duncan, tries to recover a sacred relic from the hands of the unworthy and sacrilegious Crusaders.Lawhead skillfully links together the different Christian sects from the twelfth century to give the modern reader a glimpse of what that world was like.See more

    12. Annika

      Whilst this book is definitely worth a read, it wasn't quite as engaging as the first book in the trilogy. Scenes are described vividly and you feel like you are present. It is an interesting representation of life in the Holy Land during that time, but the format sometimes tended to drop the reader. I still look forward to reading the third book in the trilogy, and fingers crossed it holds me a bit more.

    13. Meghan

      Usually I like the middle books of trilogies best, but this one was a true stereotype - at least I hope it is, in the sense that it's "filler" for the completion of the story. I enjoyed the story, but the format (i.e a really, really, really long letter, later added to, for his daughter), interspersed with more modern commentary/storyline, was frustrating and jumpy.

    14. Josiah

      Favorite book in the series. While the previous book felt a bit dull and slow at times, this book sets an excellent pace with high stakes from the beginning. Seeing the MC of the previous book, and how the events of twenty years ago that were depicted in the first book had changed him was also fascinating. Excellent read that I thoroughly enjoyed.4-4.5 Stars. (Very Good)

    15. Michael

      Well this was kind of boring really for SL. I am much more into the other books he's written than this and the previous in the series. I suppose also that the Crusades and a search for "holy relics" seem so silly a premise. I know it happened, but man were these guys dumb.

    16. Nüll

      This book is really amazing. It is written from the viewpoint of Duncan Murdosson, as in a letter he is writing from captivity to his daughter. This masterpiece of crusading fiction really held my attention, and kept me hooked.

    17. Tara

      Favorite QuotesThe more I saw of her, the more convinced I became that if she wanted a thing, it was hers already—and no amount of argument would sway her; likewise flattery, threats, or reason.

    18. Tome Addiction

      Not as good as the first, that hooked me to the Author and to this story. Over all a good book and does what most second books do in a series, sets up a third book. It has a beginning and end but the story is longer and lingers much more then the first book.

    19. Steve Haas

      Part two of his series based on the Crusades. In this book, the child of the character in the first book returns to the Holy Land and engages in a quest to find the Black Roode Cross of Christ

    20. Jeff Noble

      These books are completely engaging and also a wonderful addition to anyone's bookshelf who enjoys medieval times.

    21. Lisa

      I enjoyed the Song of Albion series much better than The Celtic Crusades. The Black Rood is the slowest read of the three.

    22. Stan

      A second crusades adventure - this time obtaining a piece of the cross. Not as entertaining as the first. This volume seems derivative, almost a retelling of the same plot using stock characters.

    23. Lyn Stapleton

      A bit disappointed in this one. Certainly not as good as his first in the trilogy, seemed a bit disjointed. I hope the third one (The Mystic Rose) is better.

    24. Mathias Leidl

      Waste. Of. Time. Period.First book I read from SL - not sure he'll get a second chance. Dull. Boring. And everything seems to work out for the main character *shaking my head* Poor job.

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