Clouds and Rain

Clouds and Rain Flynn Tomlinson has drifted for several years working odd jobs when he needs the money and moving on when he doesn t He s content with his freestyle life not tied down not responsible for anyone bu

  • Title: Clouds and Rain
  • Author: Zahra Owens
  • ISBN: 9781615818327
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Paperback
  • Flynn Tomlinson has drifted for several years, working odd jobs when he needs the money and moving on when he doesn t He s content with his freestyle life, not tied down, not responsible for anyone but himself Then he comes across a Help Wanted ad in a post office in Idaho and meets Gable Sutton Gable can t pay Flynn until he sells his horses, but a serious accident hasFlynn Tomlinson has drifted for several years, working odd jobs when he needs the money and moving on when he doesn t He s content with his freestyle life, not tied down, not responsible for anyone but himself Then he comes across a Help Wanted ad in a post office in Idaho and meets Gable Sutton Gable can t pay Flynn until he sells his horses, but a serious accident has left him unable to work his ranch alone.Working with horses beats stacking shelves at the supermarket, and so Flynn agrees to Gable s terms What Flynn doesn t bargain for is being captivated by this gentle, lonely man who captures his heart and moves Flynn to take on an incredible burden saving Gable s ranch.

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    One thought on “Clouds and Rain

    1. Trisha Harrington

      Hello and welcome to my review of the wonderful *rolls eyes* review of Clouds and Rain. Sit back and enjoy as I rant about my view of this book.I must admit I started this book and I was excited. The blurb drew me into this book. It was actually the best part of the book when all is said and done. But the more I read, the more I hated this book and wanted to curl into a corner and cry.This was me when I started the book.That changed very quickly. Flynn and Gable were sweet enough together. I enj [...]

    2. Yvonne

      The book was going along swimmingly and then we had to have another horrible female character, the so called best friend. I felt very, very sorry for Gabe if that's what he had for a friend. (view spoiler)[ She was a married woman who couldn't get pregnant so wanted Gabe to donate sperm. Then when Gabe said no, she went ahead and had an affair with Gabe's boyfriend at the time, Grant. Grant was the guy who cheated on Gabe repeatedly and left him when Gabe had an accident. He left him for dead. S [...]

    3. Cindi

      I totally loved this book. was thinking this was going to go on my favorites shelf. Then it went downhill fast, around the 50 or 60% mark I guess.It started out good. Flynn (a drifter) accepts a position at Gable's ranch. While the ages of the two were never mentioned (I don't think) it was stated many times throughout the book that Gable was old enough to be Flynn's dad. Gable had suffered a serious accident in the past, though I'm also thinking the time lapse between the accident wasn't mentio [...]

    4. Nikyta *Miss Forgetful*

      FYI - Spoilers. I'm just too lazy to bracket them :-/I was liking this story very much. I enjoyed the way Flynn and Gable met, how they worked together and the sexual tension between the two. I even liked the fact Flynn and Gable started singing 'I love you's' way too soon. I liked Flynn and his need to have a permanent home and how he just wanted to take care of Gable. I liked Gable because he was so confused on why Flynn was staying with him and even how self-conscious and how low his self-wor [...]

    5. Karen

      Now I normally very much like Zahra Owens books but there was too much in this one that annoyed me. On the positive side I loved the slow build up between Gabe and Flynn and the fact that life wasn't in the least bit perfect, and if the story had just been about that it would have been lovely, but, yet again we have the obligatory female b/f and quite frankly what a manipulative bitch! Why she was still Gabe's b/f is quite beyond me, firstly the fact that she had an affair with his now ex-lover [...]

    6. MLE

      It wasn't terrible, but some of the emmotions rang a little hollow to me. I also couldn't get passed the fact that Hunter was building a realtionship with Grant after he was so miserable to Gable. Hunter and Gable were friends; what kind of friend would hire, let alone sleep with, someone who treated their friend so poorly? Not cool. Not cool at all. My impression of the book was not helped by Gable's name which is part of a roof, and was all I could think of while reading this.

    7. Ami

      Flynn Tomlinson is a young drifter, who comes across a Help Wanted ad to work at a ranch, owned by an older cowboy with a limp. Gable Sutton, the cowboy, can no longer work his ranch alone, he needs all the help he can get eventhough he doesn't have enough money to pay Flynn first before selling his horses. Flynn does not mind -- he used to grow up in a ranch and he misses working with horses. Besides he is attracted to the grumpy man and is willing to see where it will go. Gable has been hurt i [...]

    8. DaisyGirl

      1.5 stars rounded down to 1.0Flynn Tomlinson is a drifter who works odd jobs when he needs the money. It’s easy-come-easy-go and Flynn is happy with his transient life until he meets Gable Sutton. Gable owns a ranch that is falling into disrepair. His ex-BF left him after Gable suffered a serious riding accident and he is unable to handle the ranch alone. Flynn is captivated by the sad and lonely man and decides to set down roots if he can convince Gable they’re worth the risk of opening his [...]

    9. Deeze

      I liked this one. It was well told and the characters very likable. The story line kept a good pace and had enough intrigue to keep me wanting to read. The first Kiss scene for me was totally swoon worthy. Plus the sex scenes were a part of the story and well written, not over the top just added for the writers pleasure kinda thing.Would of been 4 stars if not for the female storyline. (view spoiler)[ The only two faults I had was firstly with Flynn's background. It never went into detail of why [...]

    10. SusieQ

      This book kind of surprised meI liked it, but I didn't. All the right stuff is here: likeable lead characters, a gradual progression of the main relationship, a bit of trial & tribulation, an interesting cast of characters, even a cute lil dog. But somehow, it often felt disjointed. Like an idea popped into the writer's head and got added to the mix. It surprises me because I usually enjoy this author's books. Maybe it was just me, like when you really want an apple but all you've got is an [...]

    11. clear skies

      The best friend was such an awful character. Gable and Flynn were awful people for letting her get away with what she did. I cannot believe how angry this book made me feel. No words can describe how horrible this book was. I was astounded. I honestly don't get what the author was thinking. I am so appalled. Scarred. I even went far as complementing whether there was any hope left in the world.--shakes head--I couldn't even finish it. I deleted it. Awful.

    12. Ariel

      Zahra is on my must-read list because she's not afraid to write damaged characters. Boy, has she outdone herself this time! You name the issue, Gable pretty much has it, from trust issues because of being abandoned by a previous lover to actual physical issues with a bum leg. Flynn is exactly the kind of man Gable's afraid to trust because he's "another drifter," but Flynn is different, and watching Gable struggle to come to terms with that and his disability gives this story such power.

    13. Arthur

      When reading this, I had a feeling that at one point the author felt bored writing about the main couple in this book, Gable and Flynn, and was more excited writing about the secondary couple, Grant and Hunter. When I saw that both sequels are about the second couple or happening in their ranch, I think I might have been correct.

    14. Candice

      I am torn. I really liked the story between Flynn and Gable, but there were things I could NOT get on board with.I loved how stand-offish Gable was in the beginning and how persistent Flynn was. I also liked how observant Flynn was. He saw things people probably didn't notice. For some reason, I love the whole "ranch life", but there's no way I could do it. I am a lazy bitch and I am not afraid to admit it. So I liked the mundane things they did, like feed/groom/train the horses, check the fence [...]

    15. ~ Lei ~ Reading Is An Adventure ~

      ★★★★☆New-to-me author and I'll be reading more. Thanks Dreamspinner for turning me on to this author and for my friends make sure I knew about this freebie. Flynn's been drifting for a few years and comes across a post in the local post office for six weeks of work. Gable's a grumpy guy who's eking out a living on his ranch especially since he seems to have an injured foot. There's an instant attraction that neither act on although Flynn wants more especially after he sees Gabe masturb [...]

    16. Mandi

      I'd give this 3 1/2 stars. Enjoyable read, but the secondary pairing near the end of the book threw me off. (view spoiler)[ I just don't see how Gable would be ok with Grant coming around again. Especially to have sex with one of his friends in his own barn. I know he had Flynn now, but come on! And, after I found out that Calley had sex with Grantwhen Grant was 'with' Gablewell that just totally turned me off on her. How could Gable still consider her a friend? He must just be nicer than me. (t [...]

    17. Lily

      This was a nice story about an older rancher falling for the young ranch-hand he hires. I found both protags likable and their slowly developing May/December romance worked well for me. What I didn't like was the addition of the supposed best friend and the cheating ex-lover. I know I would have enjoyed Gable and Flynn's story much more without those two in it. I also really like this Anne Cain cover.

    18. Elspeth

      This was a very good story and I didn't even mind that it was mostly yaoi style. The romance was slow and sweet and the drama was necessary for the relationship to grow and not a plot device to finish the story. This book is more of a romance novel than an erotica that a lot of mm novels aren't get me wrong I like pwp as much as the next fan girl but this story was very refreshing for not following the template; meet, fuck, fight then fall in love. I really liked that.

    19. Lauren

      2.5 stars - Overall, this story wasn't bad. It just wasn't really my cup of tea. It was rather slowly paced, and a little too sweet in places even for my tastes. The writing was good, I don't have any issues with that, it was just that I felt like it dragged a little and, in places, I found myself skimming through several pages at a time.

    20. Simon

      Cowboys, country and western singing stars? Doesn't really sound like my sort of thingad that I decided to give it a go. Loved this book. Its a real tear-jerker, a great romance, sad, happy, very emotional. I love a happy ending.

    21. Jane Wheeler

      After reading a TON of crappy ebooks, it was really nice to find a sweet and caring story with a LOT of intimacy between the MCs especially when one is a stubborn, silent cowboy and the other is a guy who actually gives him space! Remarkable! (And it still has a lot of hot stuff, tee hee.)There are a lot of things about this story that follow familiar formulas, but they're dealt with in quietly unexpected ways. This was a real pleasure to read.Gable Sutton is an older (not really specified, but [...]

    22. Eva

      I wanted to like this book more but it was no to be. I did like Gable and Flynn just fine. They worked well as a couple, despite Gable's stubbornness to admit his feelings and the fact he wanted Flynn to stick around not just because he needed his help on the ranch, but because he wanted him to stay. The Hunter/Grant pairing was also fine even if we didn't learn much about them. But than again it wasn't their story so I wasn't bothered by that. However, what did bother me was Calley. My first pr [...]

    23. Enid

      This is how the rating went for me: 0-50% 4 stars / 51-75% 1.5-2 stars / 76%-100% 2.5-3 stars. So the average is 3, but I truly wanted to give it more. The story is good, well written, pace is great and characters are rich and complex. I especially loved Flynn and Gable –of course. Gable was older, grumpy and, to a point, self-centered… those things made him real for me… and I loved him (even when I hated him!! lol). Flynn was like a guardian angel: loving and patience, but also insecure a [...]

    24. Nerine Petros

      I really enjoyed reading Clouds and Rain. Flynn and Gable manage to have such a connection right from the beginning, moving from antagonism through to love as the dialogue develops and Flynn learns more about the man he has come to care for, despite the odds. Both the lead characters have so many layers and are so complex and involved, I envy Zahra for her ability to create, connect with and write them with such accuracy.Flynn is the younger of these two men, with an understanding of life that h [...]

    25. Calila

      I was really enjoying this. Until the last 50 pages or so. Loved the realistic take on injury/illness i.e. Gable not being able to perform. You never see that. Ever. I also really liked that Flynn stuck it out with him, and understood where Gable's angry outburst were coming from and didn't let him push him away. Now what ruined the end for me. I can't stand Calley. I think she's a horrible selfish woman who cares for no one but herself. I honestly do not understand why Gable has anything to do [...]

    26. Chappy

      I quite enjoyed this new to me author and plan to read more of this series. There's just something about cowboy/rancher style M/M books that really turns me on (*fans myself*)!!!I loved it at first reminded me of Chase the Storm with Gable being so standoffish all the time. I liked Flynn and the way he was determined to stick by Gable no matter how much he tried to push him away. The whole foot injury situation just made me so angsty. I kept wanted to yell at Gable to go to the damn doctor.I was [...]

    27. blub

      Audio book version. I really liked the narrator's voice it was soothing clear and well nd of sexy (towards the end). The accents to differentiate between characters were nice. I did think that there was a moment or two of weirdness when Flynn sounded a bit British once or twice. I don't know if it really like that or if it was just me. I mean it was about 8hrs of listening. This was the first audio book that hasn't made me feel awkward listening to it. I'll probably buy more audiobooks from Paul [...]

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