The Liberation of Alice Love

The Liberation of Alice Love Delicious in so many ways you ll find this one hard to put down Laura Dave Author of The Divorce Party and London is the Best City in America Alice Love keeps her life and job and family running in

  • Title: The Liberation of Alice Love
  • Author: Abby McDonald
  • ISBN: 9781402253140
  • Page: 354
  • Format: ebook
  • Delicious in so many ways, you ll find this one hard to put down Laura Dave, Author of The Divorce Party and London is the Best City in America Alice Love keeps her life and job, and family running in perfect order, so when her bank card is declined, she thinks it s just a mistake Sadly, someone has emptied her bank account, spending her savings on glamorous tr Delicious in so many ways, you ll find this one hard to put down Laura Dave, Author of The Divorce Party and London is the Best City in America Alice Love keeps her life and job, and family running in perfect order, so when her bank card is declined, she thinks it s just a mistake Sadly, someone has emptied her bank account, spending her savings on glamorous trips, sexy lingerie, and a to die for wardrobe and leaving Alice with lots of debt As a dashing fraud investigator helps her unravel the intriguing paper trail, Alice discovers that the thief is closer to home than she ever imagined What s , it seems like her alter ego s reckless, extravagant lifestyle is the one Alice should have been leading all along As the little white lies begin to stack up, how far will Alice go to find the truth And whose life, exactly, is she fighting for refreshing, fun, and sexya perfect beach read Closer

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      354 Abby McDonald
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    One thought on “The Liberation of Alice Love

    1. Annalynn

      This was an interesting novel, but the whole plot seemed eerily similar to the "Friends" episode where Monica Gellar finds out that someone has stolen her identity. In that episode, Monica studies the credit card transactions, and goes to the gym where Faux Monica is taking tap classes, the art studio where Faux Monica is taking an art class, and the stores and restaurants where Faux Monica is charging away. The real Monica can't help but realize that Faux Monica is living the life Real Monica s [...]

    2. Colleen

      One star for idea, 0 (that's zero) for execution. That's all I'm willing to give. I feel cheated by this book. I devoted a lot of time to its 343 pages and didn't get anything in return. It was a freebie on my Nook so what did I expect? Liberation actually gets off to a good start. Mousy, reliable Alice Love is a lawyer working for a talent agency. She is ignored, humiliated, and taken advantage of. And that's just at her job. She has little private life to speak of. Then Alice's identity and he [...]

    3. Leah

      Alice Love is a stickler when it comes to keeping her life and finances in order so when her bank card is declined, she thinks it’s just a simple clerical error. However when Alice goes to see a mortgage advisor so she can put down a deposit on a flat of her own, Alice learns that not only was her card being declined not a mistake but that all of her bank accounts have been emptied and her debts now run to thousands of pounds. After having a mini-crisis, Alice enlists the help of a fraud inves [...]

    4. Samantha

      The Liberation of Alice Love is the story of a woman named Alice (of course) who is leading a very ordinary, reliable life. Until she realizes that someone has stolen her identity, her life savings, and has run up thousands of dollars worth of bills. And then Alice's life becomes anything besides ordinary as she begins to hunt for the person behind all of this. And along the way she starts to realize that maybe life can be extraordinary as well.So the premise of this book is a good one in my opi [...]

    5. Colette

      This gets a rare one star rating from me. Alice Love is eating lunch with a friend when her credit card is declined. She figures it's just a mix up with the bank as she's had trouble with that card before. She goes online to check her account and is stunned to find out that her account is in overdraft. It turns out that her so called good friend Ella, has stolen her identity. The banks tell Alice there isn't a lot they can do for her, but her brother in law Stefan who is married to her step sist [...]

    6. Mary (BookHounds)

      *****slight spoilers*****Alice Love is completely obsessive when it comes to keeping her career and life as organized as possible, so when her debit card is declined for a small amount, she is sent into a tailspin. It comes to light that an old, so-called, friend has stolen her identity which opens up a whole new world for Alice. Alice is honest, forthright and a bit shy, so she can't even begin to imagine that anyone would take advantage of her. This forces her to examine her life lived in deta [...]

    7. Rachel

      Alice Love is a lawyer at a talent agency who keeps her life in perfect order. When she becomes a victim of identity theft, her life is suddenly thrown into chaos. To make matters worse, the perpetrator is someone Alice had thought was a close friend. Feeling betrayed and depressed, Alice is determined to hunt down the identity thief and uncover the reasons behind why she was the thief's target. She has help from a charming fraud investigator along the way.I liked this book a lot. It was refresh [...]

    8. Je'taime

      Loved it!The book made me laugh, cringe, hold my breath and got my heart racing!! since the boo is set and written by an English author, some of the phrases were lost to me but it did not take away from the story in any way! I can relate ti Alice in a few ways. She has always done everything the way she is supposed to, is very responsible and try's to please everyone. When she starts the let go of some of her own rules she feels powerful and love's the thrill! I also liked that it had a little l [...]

    9. Misty

      Well, the blurb on the back cover gives the illusion this book will be better than it actually is. I just had so many issues with the protagonist Alice. She did so many things I think most of us wouldn't do. Like, maybe trace the identity thief's steps and even assume her identity. Get herself arrested, among others. I also disliked the ending. I read the whole book for that? Ok I'm changing this from 2 stars to just 1 star. I'm getting pissed all over again.

    10. Arielle LanFranca

      Why?!! This is a rewrite of a Friends episode when Monica's identity gets stolen. I found myself more annoyed that she didn't just turn Ella in versus obsessing over how much more exciting her imagined life wasridiculous. I find it very hard to believe than anyone who had their identity stolen to this degree would just be so forgiving.

    11. Meagan Houle

      Pale characters. Draggy plot. Uninspiring prose. It's not very good, even for chick lit. I give it 2 stars for effort, I suppose, but the intriguing premise is the only good thing about this book.

    12. Nina

      This got off to a really slow start but as the story progressed it became a much better story than I expected. I'm glad I stuck with it.

    13. Teddy

      Good story. I'm not sure if I like the ending. I usually don't like endings where they leave too much up to your imagination. It didn't quite feel wrapped up, but I liked the characters (mostly) and story.

    14. Christine Seybolt

      How could I not be drawn into English author Abby McDonald's March 2011 Sourcebook release, “The Liberation of Alice Love" after reading the following paragraph?‘It began with a vibrator. A smooth, stainless steel, jewel--encrusted vibrator that—according to the ribbon-trimmed user manual— cost over seven hundred pounds. Even Alice, who valued her orgasm as much as the next woman, had to wonder what delirious pleasure it could possibly deliver to justify that kind of expense.’As the co [...]

    15. Deanna Perkins

      My Thoughts:This is a harder review to write then I was expecting. Alice Love is a woman who is a pleaser. She tries to make everyone elses life happy even at the expense of her own, even though she doesn’t realize it. Everything from friends, her job to her family, she’s always trying to do what they want her to do even when she isn’t satisfied. When someone steals her identity, cleans out her life’s savings and runs her name into horrible debt with credit cards she’s never signed for [...]

    16. Mandy

      One of the things I love most about my Nook is the Free Fridays where Barnes and Noble offers a free e-book for download on their blog, Unbound. Now, these books aren’t New York Times bestsellers but the few I’ve read have been pretty decent. (And who doesn’t love a free book?!) That’s how I came to find The Liberation of Alice Love.Alice Love is an all around safe and ordinary person – and she likes it that way. While she’s good at her job as a contract lawyer for a London talent ag [...]

    17. Michelle (Undeniably Book Nerdy)

      Alice Love's ordered life turned upside down when she became a victim of identity fraud by no other than someone she considered a close friend (who was revealed a few chapters in). Fueled by the need to figure out the motivation of the thief, she embarked on an investigation that takes her around London, Italy and even Los Angeles with the help of Nathan, a fraud investigator. But as Alice delves deeper into the thief's daily routines and purchases (thanks to the bank statements left in her wake [...]

    18. Marq(ReadingRomanceinColor)

      I normally don't read chick-lit so I didn't know what to expect from this book. Alice Love is a woman who lives a very orderly and routine life. She's responsible and thorough in her personal and professional life. She doesn't color outside the lines. But all of that changes when someone decides to steal Alice's identity and turns her orderly world into chaos.The first inclination that I would have a hard time with Alice was when Alice found out she never received a credit card that was sent to [...]

    19. Kelsey

      Abby McDonald's adult debut was sexy, romantic, fun, and original. From the minute I started reading I was sucked into the life of the fantastic Alice Love. The summary left a little to be desired so I wasn't entirely sure what the novel would entail when I started reading. The Liberation of Alice Love was more than I ever imagined and it was one book I will be recommending again and again- to both teens and adults. After reading and enjoying Abby's previous release (a YA novel called Boys, Bear [...]

    20. Resa

      Alice Love is living the perfect, if uneventful, life. She has a large savings account built up, perfect credit, a decent job, and a life that is drama (and adventure) free. That all changes when she meets Ella at a yoga class. The two become friends fast, like they’d known each other for years. Then Ella leaves without a word and Alice discovers her perfect life has started to fall apart around her. Her credit is ruined, her savings gone, and her life just got a lot more complicated. In an at [...]

    21. Kara Thorpe

      I could not put this book down. No lie. After several duds, The Liberation of Alice Love restored my faith in reading for pleasure.The opening paragraph was unexpectedly wonderful and had me hooked. How can you not be hooked with it starts with a vibrator? A vibrator, people! It seemed that the book started a little slow and bogged with mundane (at the time) details, but it soon became apparent that the buildup was necessary. The identity of the thief was a brilliant surprise.This book did an ex [...]

    22. Julia

      This review originally posted on Byers Editing Services Blog & Reviews.The idea of this book was really appealing to me. The execution? Not so much. The book was much too long and too slow-paced to really keep my interest, but I kept with it because I just wanted to. I wanted to know what Alice did, and see if she ever got any answers. I wanted to see what kind of changes and freedom structure-bound Alice embraced throughout the story.I’m all for endings that leave a little guessing to be [...]

    23. Heather Lire

      I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book, other than the blurb sounded really good. It turned out to be one of those books that once I picked it up i couldn’t put it down.When Alice’s identity and life savings is stolen she embarks on a journey that changes everything for her. She begins to step out of her comfort level and discover who the real Alice is. Along the way she meets Nathan the investigator that helps her to try and find Ella, and discover just why she stole her life. She di [...]

    24. Cheryl

      Meet Alice Love. Alice works at The Grayson Wells Agency and Alice is saving up for a place of her own. You could say that Alice lives a normal, quiet life. Alice is about to discover how quickly her life is about to get turned upside down. First it started with packages arriving to Alice of expensive purchases that she supposedly bought and then there was her credit cards being declined due to her reaching her maxed limit. The final straw is when Alice discovers that her bank account has been c [...]

    25. BecksBookPicks

      It has been awhile since I read chick-lit. I was addicted to it for quite awhile. I remember why now. I loved the change in reading style from my usual romance books to this one. There of coarse was a slight romance in this book that as a reader I wanted Alice to get out of her self absorbed self and realize it. However, this story is not about romance at all. Alice has had her identity stolen, then she is shocked when she learns just who stole her identity. She isn't satisfied with just letting [...]

    26. Wendy Hines

      The beginning of the book started out really slow and Alice was a good character, just kind of boring. But when she decides to find out who took her identity, the book really takes off!! Alice is almost a different person, doing things she never really did before. Her little white lies slide by but compile until they blow up in her face. What would you do if someone stole your identity? I'm not sure I would go to the lengths Alice does, but I wouldn't just do nothing either. Fraud Investigator N [...]

    27. Mary

      I won a free copy of this book from First Reads.I will give this book a 2 for effort. The plot was mildly intriguing in parts, but the execution was "rocky" (I stole that word from a national review of the book because I agreed wholeheartedly with the description). Honestly, I could not bring myself to finish reading the book and ended up skimming through the last half to find out what happened. The strongest points of the novel were the exchanges between the main character and her love interes [...]

    28. Rachel

      Just last night I finished reading the Liberation of Alice Love by Abigail McDonald. Alice Love is a lawyer/contractor who lives a perfectly boring life. Until she finds out that the friend she just made, Ella, has stolen her back account and her savings. Since Ella stole Alice's life, Alice begins to investigate Ella, going to all the places Ella made purchases, even following Ella to Rome and L.A. Alice uses different names, changing herself into Ella (since the real one stole Alice), Juliet, [...]

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