Kate's Wedding

Kate s Wedding Thirty nine year old Kate had almost given up on love when she met her fiance Now she s planning for the wedding she never dreamed she d have But things seem to be slipping out of her control Diana b

  • Title: Kate's Wedding
  • Author: Chrissie Manby
  • ISBN: 9781444733655
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Paperback
  • Thirty nine year old Kate had almost given up on love when she met her fiance Now she s planning for the wedding she never dreamed she d have But things seem to be slipping out of her control Diana, born on the day of the 1981 Royal Wedding, never doubted that one day she would find her prince Newly engaged, and with daddy s credit card in her grasp, she s in full BridThirty nine year old Kate had almost given up on love when she met her fiance Now she s planning for the wedding she never dreamed she d have But things seem to be slipping out of her control Diana, born on the day of the 1981 Royal Wedding, never doubted that one day she would find her prince Newly engaged, and with daddy s credit card in her grasp, she s in full Bridezilla mode Against the backdrop of the other couple getting married in April 2011, both women prepare for the most important day of their lives But will each bride get her perfect day Or will it all become a right royal fiasco

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    One thought on “Kate's Wedding

    1. Yamna Rashid

      Funny, fast paced and a a totally comical way of describing brides right before their weddings. Loved it.

    2. Leah

      Kate Williamson never thought the day would come when she would get married, so when her boyfriend Ian proposes at the top of the Eiffel Tower, she’s thrilled. As she sets about planning her wedding, family troubles mean that Kate’s up to her eyeballs with everything and as her family step in to help her plan her perfect wedding, she finds herself slowly losing control. Diana Ashford, born on the day Princess Di wed Charles, is desperate for her very own fairytale wedding. Now that she’s f [...]

    3. Jules (Never enough time to read)

      Probably not my favourite book by Chrissie Manby, but it was a really easy, fun and cute read. Even if some of the characters where portrayed as completely over the top stereotypes.

    4. Orma

      Prevedibile nella sua banalità, banale nella sua prevedibilità. Letto fino a pagina 127, sfogliato il resto e lette le ultime dieci pagine. Inspiegabilmente (?) sento di non aver perso una virgola della trama. Non è manco un libro da ombrellone.

    5. Valentina

      Personalmente era dai tempi di “I love shopping in bianco” che non leggevo storie incentrate sulle nozze e, leggendo la trama di questo romanzo, speravo di catapultarmi nello spensierato mondo dell’ansia prematrimoniale, fatto di fiori, abiti estrosi e tanto sano divertimento. Ma “I due matrimoni” non ha niente di tutto questo: per quanto le prime cento pagine siano godibili, le successive sono tremendamente noiose. Kate e Diana sono due future spose appartenenti a due diverse decadi, [...]

    6. Emma

      It’s been a while since I’ve read a Chrissie Manby book. In fact, the last time I picked up a Chrissie Manby book was when she was known as Chris Manby. I don’t understand why I haven’t because she was the first adult book I read; Lizzie Jordan’s Secret Life. I still remember the story vividly and racing through it when I should have been doing my Macbeth G.C.S.E. essay. Then I got swept up in the royal wedding fever and snapped up Kate’s Wedding when it came out, and I’m glad I di [...]

    7. Heather L T

      Though a little dreary to begin with, this story was typically Chris Manby: entertaining. Here are some of my favourite quotes (though I left out the really funny ones cause there was just too many!):Everyone gets old. Everyone dies in the end. That was the problem with really loving someone: the feelings persisted long after the object of your affection has banished from your life.It's centuries and centuries of conditioning. It's the way his mother and father were around each other and the way [...]

    8. Katie Oliver

      When Kate Williamson's boyfriend Ian unexpectedly proposes to her at the top of the Eiffel tower, what should be the most romantic moment of her lifen't, quite. The weather is misty and damp. The platform is crammed with tourists. When Ian pops the question, Kate feels ambushed and uncertain. Is this what she really wants?Diana Ashcroft, on the other hand, knows exactly what she wants. She expects a proposal from Ben, and she gets it. And she knows exactly what kind of wedding she wants. Kate Mi [...]

    9. Arisa Dizon

      The writing is a little bit disarrayed, perhaps because with all the stories from different perspectives. However, that's just life (love), isn't it? It is just as complicated and confusing. But I like how it is written. I like how the characters are all related with each other and how each of them has their own story. But with all that was said and done, the point is there exists love. Love, however, is not limited to an age group or the size of your body. It does not care if you are a fat old [...]

    10. Ilaria

      La prima cosa che colpisce del libro è la cover,che rappresenta perfettamente il contenuto del romanzo Le protagoniste sono due donne,completamente diverse l'una dall'altra: Diana: trentenne,figlia unica,viziata,abituata a tenere tutto in pugno,incluso il suo fidanzato e ad ottenere sempre ciò che vuole,che sogna e organizza il suo matrimonio da una vita Kate,il suo opposto: quasi quarantenne,una donna semplice,lavoratrice,che non aveva mai pensato al matrimonio fino a quando non incontra Ian [...]

    11. Adeline Kam

      I was facing Reader’s Block when I started to read this book. It was just so difficult to get through the first few pages but I continued on. And no regrets. I absolutely loved this story. 1st time I am reading a book by Chrissie Manby, and I loved it. She has a unique way of writing this novel. She depicts 2 very different characters and couples. Kate & Ian, and Diana & Ben. Both these couples are totally of the opposite characters and with different wishes for a wedding & what ma [...]

    12. Aileen

      I bought this book from , after reading the such good reviews, however once I got into the book, I did wonder if I did really like the book, as sometimes I found it confusing as one chapter is about Di and the next Kate they are both different characters and I had to keep remembering which was which.Kate is 39; she never thought she would meet “Mr Right” and gets married until Ian proposes romantically she wants a simple wedding.Diana was born on the same day that Lady Diana and Prince Charl [...]

    13. Chanpreet

      I quite liked the flows of this book. It was interesting to have the view points of two brides and then the owner of the wedding boutique. The introspective view into the guy's minds was also great. The book was mostly predictable but there were a few things that threw me for a loop. I liked how Ms. Manby kept me on my toes. I'm also glad that the story line was nothing like I was expecting, especially since the book was released around the time of the Royal Wedding and dealt with a Royal Weddin [...]

    14. Sim

      Although this was an easy read I battled to finish it. This was mainly because of the fact that one of the characters was more of a caricature than an actual character. In my opinion Diana Ashcroft could never have lived to the ripe old age of 29 and considered some of the actions she took during the course of the book. I also felt that when the story finally came to its conclusion that it all unravelled a bit too fast and was packaged too neatly to be truly believable. All of this being said it [...]

    15. Rita

      SBA(DI)GLIANDO S'IMPARAAspettavo da secoli di leggere questo romanzo, attirata principalmente dalla suggestiva copertina e fantasticando di trovarmi di fronte ad una storia leggera, piacevole e divertente. Ma più che leggero, "I due matrimoni" cade decisamente nel banale perché si basa su una serie di eventi visti e rivisti, suscitando nel lettore, anziché il riso, uno sbadiglio dopo l'altro. La prossima volta imparo a farmi ingannare dalla cover di un libro!

    16. Ruth

      Kate is 39 years old and has finally found the perfect man. She is caught by surprise when Ian proposes and wonders if marrying Ian is the right thing to do. At the same time, Diana, a spoiled young bridezilla is planning her wedding. As Kate starts to plan her wedding things begin to spin out of control and Kate is thrust into some family problems that are totally unexpected. Chrissie Manby has written a good summer beach read that is sure to amuse with some surprises at the end.

    17. Natalie

      Classic, light and fluffy chick lit! No energy required, was good timing, with the really cold snap we've just had, to curl up in the chair with a hot chocolate and indulge in fluffy rubbish!The story is nice enough, as predictable as you expect from this sort of fare, I liked the people I was clearly supposed to, I disliked the ones I was supposed to, and that's about it! It's not going to win any major literary awards, but it kept me amused for a couple of days!!

    18. Redfox5

      This book tried to trick me, it wanted me to think that the plot would go one way but I wasn't fooled and I guessed what was going to happen! I love coming back to chick lit after a long break. I enjoyed this wedding story, that is set to the backdrop of two royal weddings. I loved sweet Kate and really disliked spoilt Diana. Don't expect anything different here. It's following the same chick lit formula as normal. But it's a formula I know and love :)

    19. Daniela Guida

      Era stato spacciato per romanzo frizzante e divertente, alcuni addirittura lo avevano paragonato a un libro della Kinsella ed essendo il mio umore sotto le scarpe ho deciso di leggerlo pessimo errore in quanto è la NOIA fatta a libro. Storia piatta, prevedibilissima e NOIOSA! Sconsigliato assolutamente!!!

    20. Fatin Fairuz

      This book is an addictive to me but it is also pretty confusing when one chapter tells about Kate.d the Next chapter will be about Diana and the next 2-3 chapters will be about the woman who runs the wedding boutique ( i don't remember her name). Nonetheless, i love how the story ends when Diana's wedding had ruined and she later learned something form the incident. =)

    21. Kathy Chung

      It did not have a good starts. Things were mundane and pale. It must have been due to the lengthy discussion about the weddings.Diane was the ultimate brat. Bride fr hell. While Kate was frustrating nonchalant about her weddinThe first 3/4 of the book was pretty much "emotionless". Luckily things got better after 3/4 of the book. Guess each woman gets what she deserves in the end.

    22. Tara Anderton

      I really like the way this book is written! Very easy to read - just the way I like it! I loved Diana's character the best - even though she was such a crazy bitch! The carriage part at the end and the crying into the flowers in front of all the guests cracked me up I could totally picture it!Chrissie Manby is a terrific writer and I will be reading more of her books!

    23. Emma

      A return to form by Chrissie Mamby in this book. She seems to have returned to the style of writing of her older novels. I think because I've grown up (well turned 30!) since I started reading her books, I didn't really enjoy the Diana character, but the other central character Kate, was easier for me to identify with. An ejoyable Sunday afternoon read.

    24. Deyara

      Quite fluffy but pretty good characters, and just the right amount of royal wedding stuff for it to not be tedious. Not sure if I'd seek out any other books by this author, but this was a pleasant read.

    25. Emily Phillips

      As a young girl who has been dreaming about her own wedding since she was knee high, I absolutely loved this book! Wedding disaster galore but true love prevailing in the end - my type of book! A bit corny and cliched in parts but it just adds to the whole effect!

    26. Catherinehaine Haines

      This book was set in the Southampton area which I found a bit off putting.Not a bad book but a book based on preparing for weddings which is not a topic I find very interesting as spending a lot of money on one day has always seemed silly to me.

    27. Laura

      I did like this book, but would not rush to read it again. I did like the connection to the royal weddings, it but a bit of a different spin on the wedding story. I would try some other books by Manby.

    28. Karen Whittard

      Kate's wedding was a fun and extremely easy book to read. I really liked how the book portrayed how there are lots of different types of brides. I raced through this book. Happy to shallow it hole in one sitting.

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