Twee zusjes

Twee zusjes Meghann werd vele jaren geleden gedwongen tot een hartverscheurende keuze waardoor ze de liefde van haar zus Claire verspeelde Nu is Meghann een beruchte echtscheidingsadvocate die niet in intimiteit

  • Title: Twee zusjes
  • Author: Kristin Hannah Toby Visser
  • ISBN: 9789044331516
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Paperback
  • Meghann werd vele jaren geleden gedwongen tot een hartverscheurende keuze, waardoor ze de liefde van haar zus Claire verspeelde Nu is Meghann een beruchte echtscheidingsadvocate die niet in intimiteit gelooft Tot ze die ene man ontmoet die haar van gedachten doet veranderen.

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      435 Kristin Hannah Toby Visser
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    One thought on “Twee zusjes

    1. Lucy

      Reading this book was like eating at McDonalds. It’s fast and easy but I feel so unpleasant afterwards.

    2. CJC

      Well, I finished it. I did skip parts after about 1/2 way through but I finished. All I can say is PLEASE!I think it had potential to be a great book, I liked the writing style for the most part and it would have been a nice quick read if I wasnt so annoyed. The Joe character was well done I wanted to get to know him - until he met Meg. There was just way too much sap in here for me. There are lines like "as much as I could love anything without you. But yeah". EwwAfter 10 days this woman decide [...]

    3. Melissa

      I woke up with a major book hangover the morning after finishing this one. It was a top-notch read like so many of Kristin Hannah’s others. It’s an emotional story of two sisters finding their way back to one another after being sort of estranged. I laughed, I cried, Ifelt.Be warned - tears are inevitable.

    4. Sheyla ✎

      “If love is the answer, could you please rephrase the question?”Another great novel by Kristin Hannah!Between Sisters had a blend of romance, despair, and hope impacting a very dysfunctional family.Two sisters have been estranged for decades. Meghann Dontess and Claire Cavenaugh grew up together until events in their lives separated them. Meghann the oldest, took care of Claire when their mother was more interested in dating and later on acting than taking care of the baby. Meghann did every [...]

    5. Svenja

      Kristin Hannah hat mich schon so oft mit ihren Geschichten zu Tränen gerührt, daher habe ich mich auf ihr neustes Werk wieder sehr gefreut.Mir fiel der Einstieg jedoch sehr schwer. Die Geschichte wird abwechselnd aus den Sichten der beiden Schwestern Meghann und Claire geschrieben und ab und zu erfährt man auch noch etwas von einem sonderbaren, geheimnisvollen Mann, den man lange so gar nicht zuordnen kann. Aber so ging es mir auch ein wenig mit den beiden Schwestern. Es war alles zu lange zu [...]

    6. Hope Ortego

      While this wasn't my favorite Kristin Hannah book, it won't be my last . I picked this book up because I was horribly missing my sister who are really my best friends. What I didn't realize until it was too late was these sisters in the book had a horrible relationship. It was tough to read about at times. I did enjoy their relationship development but I wish there were more happy moments in the book than what we got. I also had little interest of Joe's back story. I felt like his POV could have [...]

    7. Lauren

      First time I read a Kristin Hannah book and was thoroughly impressed by her writing. I couldn't seem to put the book down because I was always wanting to know what was going to happen next. I was a little disappointed in how she wrote about the characters though in the sense I felt like we got to know who Joe was at the end of the book instead of at the beginning of the book. Meghann was a strong character playing a lawyer and a loving sister. I didn't have faith in Claire and Bobby's relationsh [...]

    8. Connie

      I had not read a Kristin Hannah in a while, and thank Marcia for choosing it as my Partner Read. I felt like I was visiting an old friend. She tells a story that is real and this one did not disappoint. Is it contemporary "chick lit"? Yes. But every once in a while this is exactly what I need. (like spending a rainy day curled up in your pi's) Between Sisters hit all my buttonsfamily, friendship, love, redemption and forgiving. I believe that we can retrieve relationships we have lostt always th [...]

    9. Gloria

      It's 2 am and I couldn't go to sleep until I finished. I see a long list of Kristin Hannah books in my future reading. These are not my usual mysteries but are excellent people stories. The characters make you feel for them and care what will happenwhich is why I ended up reading until 2 am.

    10. Teagan Ashe

      Kristen Hannah is a master at evoking every emotion possible in a single book. She and Nicolas Sparks must trade notes on how to rip out their readers hearts all while weaving such an amazing story that you just can't put the book down!I just finished Between Sisters and let me tell you: I laughed and cried, screamed and groaned through the entire book. I've read several of her other books and I have loved all of them. This book I especially enjoyed because it ended differently than some of her [...]

    11. Sandy

      Kristin Hannah never fails to write books that grab me and pull me into the storyline, as if I am participating. This is a story of family disconnect, of sisters who lose touch, due to circumstances that are beyond the control of children so young. It is about the ability of families to overcome obstacles, even those involving years of separation, and become what they once were, only better.The characters portrayed are easy to like and associate with. The joy, the pain, the heartache, of life it [...]

    12. Emily

      darn you, Kristin Hannah! I can't take books like this where I'm sobbing through the second half but still unable to put it down! I already went through that with your other book, Firefly Lane, lol. I did enjoy the book, but felt like it was very over the top fairytale. Who of us doesn't wish for everything to work out perfectly, incurable illnesses to be miraculously healed, true love winning out despite all odds. Sometimes its nice to read a book like that where everything works out just as we [...]

    13. Perihan

      En sevdiğim yazarlardan biridir Kristin Hannah Hikayeleri, karakterleri hep sıcacık, samimi gelir bana. Kitaplarında karakterlerini tekrar ediyor görünse de seviyorum bu kadının kitaplarını."Sevgi, birbirimizin hatalarını kabullenmekten geçer."Kristin Hannah demiş ki , kitabın sonunda " Ben yaşlandıkça diğer kadınlara ne kadar ihtiyacım olduğunu anlıyorum. Kadın ilişkilerini yazıp durmamın sebebi de bu sanırım. Annelerimiz, kızkardeşlerimiz ve arkadaşlarımız ol [...]

    14. Xana

      É o 2° livro que leio dela. Embora me tenha custado mais entrar na história deste, no final a sensação de ter lido algo maravilhoso é igual ao anterior. Com uma escrita extremamente simples, Kristin Hannah conta uma história super simples, que pode acontecer na vida de qualquer um de nós, mas que me agarra com uma intensidade que já poucos livros conseguem.Adorei as manas, a complexidade da relação delas.Faz-nos pensar nas nossas relações familiares.Adorei e recomendo.

    15. Buechertatzen

      Am Anfang hat es sich echt gezogen und ich war schon kurz davor, es abzubrechen. Aber jetzt bin ich wahnsinnig froh, weitergelesen zu haben. Mal wieder konnte mich Kristin Hannah extrem tief berühren und ich hatte so oft Tränen in den Augen. Ich habe gebangt und gehofft. Eine tolle Story über zwei Schwestern und die Liebe!

    16. Jennefer

      Between Sisters by Kristin Hannah, is another heartwarming story told by this truly phenomenal author! I have read most of Hannah's books, and I really enjoy her storytelling ability. Hannah truly draws readers in and never lets them go until the novel is over – IT’S GREAT! I loved this book and highly recommend it! You will not be disappointed! 5 stars for sure!Author Hannah starts us on the journey of an intriguing dilemma in which two sisters venture out in completely different directions [...]

    17. Caitlin

      Four stars seems like such a standard rating for me. I think my standard may have to become three starsybe it's that a I took a big break from reading so anything I pick up right now that holds my attention is "super-fun" to me! Anyway - between sisters was another great Kristin Hannah book. I'm in - I will now be reading all of her books! I've yet to dislike one. Though I find them all a little heavy in that I'm waiting for the tears to flow once I reach the 3/4 mark of the book, I love her sty [...]

    18. Monerl

      Die Autorin hatte mich mit ihrem letzten Buch sehr begeistert. "Die Nachtigall" war für mich ein historisches Lesehighlight in 2016 und ich habe seitdem sehnsüchtig nach einem weiteren Buch von Kristin Hannah Ausschau gehalten. In der Verlagsvorschau des Aufbau Verlags entdeckte ich dann den Titel "Die andere Schwester" und war begeistert. Ich wollte wissen, ob Kristin Hannah ihr letzten Buch toppen oder ob sie mindestens das von ihr gesestzte Level halten kann. Leider habe ich im Vorfeld nich [...]

    19. Jackie

      As one of Kristin Hannah’s first time readers this book blew me away. Between Sisters is a great book for a person who enjoys reading about romance, and likes a little suspense from time to time. While reading this book I could never put it down, I would always want to know what happened next. It was like watching a soap opera where at the end of the episode you would be dying to know what happens next. The way Kristin Hannah wrote the book with drama, love, and sorrow makes it different than [...]

    20. Michelle

      Differences between siblings couldn't be more extreme than they are in this overwrought feel-good novel by Hannah (Distant Shores), a tale about two estranged sisters. Meghann Dontess is a hotshot, well-to-do Seattle divorce lawyer in her 30s, entirely focused on her career. Her younger sister, Claire Cavenaugh, a single mom living in a backwater town in the Pacific Northwest, takes care of her five-year-old daughter and helps her father run his low-key lakeside resort. The half-sisters were rai [...]

    21. Amy

      Fast read. Really enjoyed the 1st half of the book. After a while though the story line reminded me of the movie 'Beaches'. I liked that movie. The plot just got too unbelievable in the book though. When Claire had a brain tumor and her estranged, top lawyer sister ended up falling in love with a homeless looking man named Joe who turned out to be a top Seattle surgeon, who then realized that her brain tumor could be operated on, it was a bit corny. The surgery is successful and Claire lives and [...]

    22. Shirley Jump

      I love Kristan Hannah and her books always make me cry. This one was really good, very well done, and I enjoyed it, but I didn't end up as a sobbing mess, which is the only reason for 4 instead of 5 stars :-)

    23. rivka

      3.5 starsDefinitely read this before, but a long time ago. Sweet, somewhat predictable, but touching nonetheless.

    24. Nadine

      I have always enjoyed reading Kristin Hannah's books. She evokes so much emotional feelings that you are transported into this story and "feel" for the characters.

    25. Dannie

      I offered that book to her friend for her birthday, because I was drawn by the cover and thought she might relate to the characters. This cover is a beautiful cover. And my friend has two sisters and they are all very close. I thought she might like this book as it was about relationships sisters.I'm not sure what she thought about the book as I haven't seen her yet. But now after reading it I'm not sure it was a book for her.I have a sister myself, a step sister to be exact. A little bit like M [...]

    26. Judy

      I wasn't sure about this one to start with. But I am a Kristin Hannah fan, so I pushed on. Two sisters, so different! Meghann is definitely the B word. High powered divorce lawyer, herself a divorcee and a "cougar" in the worst sense of the word. Baby sister, Claire is the sweet one. Though a single never-been-married mother to 5 year old Alison Katherine ( Ali Kat), she lives in the same town she mostly grew up in out side of Seattle. She and her father run a resort. Her high school friends are [...]

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