To Die in Italbar

To Die in Italbar The galaxy is in chaos with people falling prey to an unidentifiable disease Only one man has the ability to help a man who can heal or kill with a touch Known only as Mr H he is being sought after

  • Title: To Die in Italbar
  • Author: Roger Zelazny
  • ISBN: 9780552104630
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Paperback
  • The galaxy is in chaos, with people falling prey to an unidentifiable disease Only one man has the ability to help a man who can heal or kill with a touch Known only as Mr H, he is being sought after by everyone, but for vastly different reasons Even Francis Sandow is seeking him, and may be the only one with a clue as to who H really is In the bonus novel A DarThe galaxy is in chaos, with people falling prey to an unidentifiable disease Only one man has the ability to help a man who can heal or kill with a touch Known only as Mr H, he is being sought after by everyone, but for vastly different reasons Even Francis Sandow is seeking him, and may be the only one with a clue as to who H really is In the bonus novel A Dark Travelling, James Wiley is an ordinary 14 year old who has lost his scientist father to a parallel world in the darkbands With the help of Becky his sister with magical powers, Barry the exchange student and Uncle George the werewolf, James goes in search of his father But he must take care for if there just happens to be a full moon at the wrong moment, George s itchy palms might lead them into trouble To Die in Italbar is the sequel to Zelazny s novel Isle of the Dead, published by ibooks in a compilation volume with Eye of Cat Roger Zelazny was a three time Nebula Award and six time Hugo Award winning author of science fiction and fantasy classics Zelazny was the bestselling author of the ten volume Chronicles of Amber series of fantasy novels, as well as Psychoshop written by Alfred Bester.This edition has cover art by Christos Chris Achilleos

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    One thought on “To Die in Italbar

    1. Daryl

      Roger Zelazny once said, "If I could kill off one book, it would be To Die in Italbar" and referred to it as his "worst novel." (According, of course, to that bastion of knowledge, .) That may well be, but even a crappy Zelazny novel is better than a whole lot of other things out there. This is a short novel, as many of his were, but it's densely plotted. The point of view switches often and rapidly between a myriad of characters, and I wondered how they'd all get tied together, but by the end t [...]

    2. Alazzar

      Roger Zelazny called To Die in Italbar his least favorite of the books he’d written.After reading it, I’m not sure why he made that claim.The story jumps around between multiple characters: Malacar Miles, a retired military commander-turned-terrorist who just can’t seem to let the war go; John Morwin, a telekinetic artist who once served under Malacar; Dr. Pels, a cryogenically frozen man who is just awake enough to be able to search for a cure to his condition; and a number of others, not [...]

    3. Andrew

      A strange short novel - a novella, really (174 pp). It has that exotic take that Zelazny brings, most notable in the excellent "Lord of Light" (1968), but it doesn't have richness of character nor strength of plot-line development. There are only two main characters - H and Malacar; the rest are unrounded secondary characters, some of which light hope in further discovery - Jackara, Shind, Sandow (especially) - but this isn't fulfilled. Even the Lady is but a blue shadow in a blue paradise.It se [...]

    4. Neil Cake

      My first Zelazny and I gots to say; I'm a little underwhelmed. I do understand it's supposed to be one of his weaker novels, and in all fairness, it's actually alright, there just didn't seem to be much point to it. There was a telepathic alien in it for no reason I could discern, perspectives were frequently shifted with no indication as to whose they were, and the ultimate denouement happens off camera. It was just all a bit half-arsed; easy enough to read, more or less interesting, but and th [...]

    5. Devlocke

      Good stuff. Felt an awful lot like Mike Resnick's "The Dark Lady" in tone. Zelazny plays with deities well. A few unconnected people find themselves connected by a person who has the power to cure disease, but his power comes with unfortunate side-effects, and they're not all what they seem to be, including that dude. I guess that would be my spoiler-free description? Quick read. Not the best thing Zelazny ever wrote but not the worst either, and even at his worst, he's worth reading.

    6. Anthony Bracciante

      A good story but not the best that I have ever read by Roger Zelazny. At times it became hard to discern who the main characters were and the ending seems to have been rushed.

    7. Hannah

      The story revolves around the journeys of a mysterious man called “H” who has a unique power that allows him to heal even the most terminal of illnesses. Another important point of view is that of Malacar Miles, a military man who is determined to find H to use the horrifying flipside of his healing power–the ability to spread diseases that H has contracted–in order to strike at Malacar’s old enemies. There is one female POV of note–a girl who works in a brothel but secre [...]

    8. astaliegurec

      I'm not very happy with the packaging of this book. It's Roger Zelazny's "To Die in Italbar" coupled with his "A Dark Traveling." The two stories are fine, but they should never have been published together. They're not related in any way.The first story ("To Die in Italbar") is set in Zelazny's Pei'an universe and features a cameo role for Francis Sandow (his protagonist in "Isle of the Dead"). Interestingly, according to the entry for the story, Zelazny said:"If I could kill off one book it w [...]

    9. Иван Величков

      Книжката ми стана от любимите, едва на третото четене, но нещо в нея, явно, ме е накарало да я прочета повече от един път. Сигурно просто магията на автора.Зелазни казва, че е написал тази книжка набързо и за пари. Бил единственият негов роман, който ако може би изтеглил от паза [...]

    10. Tristan

      I enjoyed this book. It was well-written and easy; it's not as good (or as deep) as his Chronicles of Amber, but a fun read nonetheless. The story is interesting, if a bit silly in places (there are a number of elements that speak to deus ex machina; really, Sandow just happens to be a god of a nearly dead civilization? I know that might be explained in Isle of the Dead, but there is no indication in this book that you should read that one first) and it is quick and enjoyable. My biggest problem [...]

    11. Perry Whitford

      A man known only as "H" has been imbued with the ability to both heal and spread diseases wherever he roams, an agent of both salvation and damnation. With that kind of ability he attracts the attention of various powerful individuals with different agendas about how best to harness and utilise his ability, and as H starts to cut a malignant swathe from planet to planet they converge on him, each intent on capturing their quarry.Zelazney always writes something interesting and writes it well, bu [...]

    12. Vomithatsteve

      As with most all of Zelazny's sci-fi this book was a really interesting setup and compelling idea. I was thoroughly engrossed until the end.Then, sadly, as with most all of Zelazny's sci-fi, the ending was a little lackluster. He had a tendency to rush the endings of books, and this one is no exception.It's a very cool story, and it's pretty different from most of his other stuff - the characters are more varied and flawed than he usually writes. The only disappointment (and the only thing keepi [...]

    13. Todd Martin

      I would characterize To Die in Italbar as not one of Zelazny’s best. In fact Zelazny himself thought it was his worst novel and wished he could kill it off saying “I wrote that in a hurry to make some money after I quit my job.”I would find it hard to disagree with Zelazny’s sentiment given the books meandering, scattershot and seemingly pointless plot which centers around a Typhoid Mary–like protagonist and features an array of supernatural phenomenon (such as telepathy, telekinesis a [...]

    14. Onefinemess

      Well written and some interesting subject matter. The problem is, it didn't grab me at all. Nothing made me care or curious about what happened next. The only curiosity I had was after the story finished, where I wanted other pieces of the universe filled in (the gods of one particular race run around sometimes in avatars, but none of the others??). Also, the title is one of the worst I've seen.

    15. John

      This is one of those stories that requires a bit of patience, as the threads of separate characters draw closer throughout the book. I found the junction of those threads at the end to be completely rewarding, and was impressed with Zelazny's ability to build a story around a religious concept I've never really tried to understand (to be more specific would spoil the ending).

    16. Martin

      Not one of Zelazny's finer efforts. Short, somewhat interesting, but not a good read. Zelazny is one of my favorite writers, but my advice is skip this one.One of about half of Zelazny's books I haven't gotten to. I thought I was further along. I've only got 4 of his solo non-graphic novels left to go.

    17. Mike S

      This is a powerful book, it really grabs you, it is disturbing at times, but very well written. Zelazny was a master. I wish he had written more books because I have never read anything by him I didn't like.

    18. Erik Graff

      Foolishly, I did not bother reading Isle of the Dead before reading this sequel. I must have been desperate for reading matter.

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