The Last Days of Newgate

The Last Days of Newgate A story of high intrigue and low politics of brutal murder and cunning conspiracies set against the backdrop of a fascinating period in British history and introducing an ingenious pragmatic and un

  • Title: The Last Days of Newgate
  • Author: Andrew Pepper
  • ISBN: 9780753821688
  • Page: 377
  • Format: Paperback
  • A story of high intrigue and low politics, of brutal murder and cunning conspiracies, set against the backdrop of a fascinating period in British history and introducing an ingenious, pragmatic and unforgettable hero.St Giles, London, 1829 three people have been brutally murdered and the city simmers with anger and political unrest Pyke, sometime Bow Street Runner, sometA story of high intrigue and low politics, of brutal murder and cunning conspiracies, set against the backdrop of a fascinating period in British history and introducing an ingenious, pragmatic and unforgettable hero.St Giles, London, 1829 three people have been brutally murdered and the city simmers with anger and political unrest Pyke, sometime Bow Street Runner, sometime crook, finds himself accidentally embroiled in the murder investigation but quickly realises that he has stumbled into something sinister and far reaching.In his pursuit of the murderer, Pyke ruffles the feathers of some powerful people and, falsely accused of murder himself, he soon faces a death sentence and the gallows of the Old Bailey Imprisoned, and with only his uncle and the headstrong, aristocratic daughter of his greatest enemy who believe in him, Pyke must engineer his escape, find the real killer and untangle the web of politics that has been spun around him.From the gutters of Seven Dials to the cells of Newgate prison, from the turmoil of 1800s Belfast to the highest levels of murky, pre Victorian politics, THE LAST DAYS OF NEWGATE is a gripping, darkly atmospheric story with a fantastic, pragmatic and reluctantly heroic hero.

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    One thought on “The Last Days of Newgate

    1. Jam

      The main problem I had with this book was not the fact the protagonist was unlikeable, although he is. Pyke is shown as, not just described as, hard, cruel, vicious. We're shown that he treats people (women) appallingly on more than one occasion. That's fine, that's not necessarily a bad thing in a protagonist.The problem is the inconsistencies. One moment, it's clear that he and the author knows that he's not likeable, that he's meant to be an antihero. The next, his actions are excused or over [...]

    2. edifanob

      A cracking good read! I'm glad that there are more books in the series.My favorite town: London, the year: 1829, the main character: PYKE, a guy with rough edges, the story. full of intrigueThat is the kind of historical fiction I like. I must admit that I liked Pyke more than other readers.My full review over at Edi's Book Lighthouse.The Last Days Of Newgate has been a more than satisfying read. An awesome historical thriller. The Last Days Of Newgate is dark, gritty, intense and powerful with [...]

    3. Idril Celebrindal

      Pyke is a hard man, see. He's a tough man, and he's cool, right, he's really cool. Don't forget that, because it's his entire character. He doesn't like people, because cool people don't need other people, except for that one person who is also cool and knows he doesn't need other people either, so it's ok for Pyke to like him, if he liked anyone. Which he doesn't. But women like Pyke, right, because he's so cool they have to. Women, as we all know, are foolish and only like men who are real bas [...]

    4. Ron

      An obnoxious main character, uninteresting plot and the quality of the writing was variable. Although judging by the long list of acknowledgements it would seem unfair to hold the author solely responsible.

    5. Wilf

      Set in the murky world of 19th century London and Belfast - and the even murkier world of the politics of that time - this story also has as its background the last days of the Bow Street Runners and their unsuccessful resistance to Peel's newly introduced Police Force. I am still slightly puzzled by the book's title, as the infamous prison at Newgate, which also features in the book, survived for many years after the period in which this story is set.Hero - or to be more precise - anti-hero is [...]

    6. Nadir

      First book of a currently five novel series titles ‘A Pyke Mystery’ which is set in 1800s London. The series follows an acutely unpleasant man called Pyke as he investigates a mystery.I picked this up in a bookshop, as I had read a little of one of the later novels and liked it, and was interested in reading the series. It was a mistake. The only think that is commendable about this book is the cover. I only managed to read a little over a hundred pages, and it was absolute agony. The main c [...]

    7. Craig Andrews

      Set in the aftermath of the Napoleonic era it follows a Bow Street Runner by the name of Pike who is a definite rogue/criminal with a sense of honour. I love historical novels and this one (albeit almost entirely fictional) has a lot of good history about the end of the Runners and the creation of the new Metropolitan police force. The main character is likeable and hateable at times and that all adds to the flavour in the well crafted detective/mystery tale. I love what can best be described as [...]

    8. Stephanie

      Another period mystery - grabbed as a fun and simple read for my recent canoe trip. It wasn't very meaty - finished it before the trip ended. I can't really recommend it as a stand alone novel, it's not well written, although the historical period and location (London/Belfast 1829) makes for a very interesting and graphic background and I think it gets a star just for the atmosphere . The cities are brutal and grim places to live but this author is far from the first nor the best author to point [...]

    9. Graeme Roberts

      What a crappy book! Learned a little history, but it was hardly credible, and was chosen to serve the plot, not the other way around. Avoid.

    10. Jonathan Pedlar

      A quite unlikable hero.The story is convoluted, dark and not entirely credible. I did finish the book, but I didn't really enjoy it. There is plenty of adventure and violence, in a very unsavoury setting with no likeable characters. The message appears to be that everyone is out for themselves and the devil take the hindmost and that somehow that is ok.

    11. Bob Tingley

      This is an intense novel that never lets up. The solutions to crimes are left to the very end of the story. Lots of characters but they all related directly to the story line.

    12. Inge

      Liked the historical bit, story was suspenseful, but mostly it was all a little weird - not really my kind of book, I guess.

    13. Emily

      Beginning in 1829 and set in London, this is a story of Pyke; Bow Street Runner and occasional thief.During a time of political unease due to the impending Catholic emancipation, Pyke, whilst tailing a man suspected of organising a robbery from a bank, finds himself in the middle of a gruesome murder scene. A young couple, each tied to a chair, have had their throats cut so deeply that they have almost been decapitated. In the room in a metal bucket designed to be used as a toilet is the body of [...]

    14. Dan Hughes

      The last days of Newgate by Andrew Pepper is a historical novel set in 1829. It follows Pyke, a member of the Bow Street Runners (a prototypical police force) and his efforts to solve a grizzly murder and clear his own name. While I'm well aware it's a work of fiction and as such can't be taken as a true representation of reality, it certainly paints a bleak and bloody picture of regency Britain.This is not the prim and proper England of Jane Austin's Mr Darcy. This is a filthy, dangerous, pover [...]

    15. Kristen

      Generally, I am a fan of stories set in and around the Victorian-era in England, but this one was a bit to gritty and stark even for me.Bow Street Runner Pyke is working on a side-assignment for a paying client, when he discovers the viciously murdered bodies of a man, a woman and their infant baby in a squalid rooming house in London. When Pyke decides to find out who killed them and why, it quickly becomes apparent that there is a lot more to the deaths than just the general ugliness of the ci [...]

    16. Tony

      Andrew Pepper- The Last Days of Newgate (Weidenfeld & Nicolson 2006) 3.75 StarsThis is the first book in the Pyke mystery series and it is a great starter. Pyke is a Bow Street Runner, or basically a plainclothes policeman. He is not exactly the most honest individual, but when he stumbles upon the bodies of three brutally murdered people he is determined to find the guilty party. Quickly he discovers that it may not be just as it seems, there may be a political agenda involved that could en [...]

    17. Colin Garrow

      1829, London. Following a suspect into the dark and dangerous rookeries, Bow Street Runner Pyke stumbles across a brutal murder. Finding himself involved in tracking down the killer, he is dragged into a deepening mystery that challenges all his talents as a thief taker. As the city seethes with religious and political upheaval, Pyke's investigation uncovers a web of intrigue that refuses to give up its secrets. Then, when someone close to him is found dead, Pyke is accused of murder and thrown [...]

    18. Jayna

      The main character was not an hero or anti-hero, he was a sociopath verging on psychopath. He has no moral qualms for killing if it suits his needs, even mundane ones. I always imagine an anti-hero rogue as someone like Robin Hood, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor but still honoring life. Instead, he feels only a slight pang of guilt for taking advantage of his girlfriend and mistreating her, a bit for killing his dog (which was totally unnecessary to the plot of the book at all and [...]

    19. LJ

      THE LAST DAYS OF NEWGATE (Historical-England-1800s) – NRPepper, Andrew – 1st bookWeidenfeld & Nicolson, 2006 – UK Hardcover – ISBN 029785237X*** Pyke is a Bow Street Runner called in to investigate the murder of a couple and their infant child. In doing so, Pyke find himself arrested and in Newgate Prison facing a death penalty. To clear himself he must escape and find the real killer and the far-reaching motive behind the murder.*** This book barely made my 50-page rule but I did re [...]

    20. Catherine Vickers

      Not normally my genre as I'm usually a Fantasy fan. However, probably my 2nd favourite, historical English crime. I loved this book. Can't decide whether I like the main character yet, he has a good heart (I think) but has no qualms about murdering if he feels it's justified. This plot had many ups and downs for me. Lots of those moments when you think 'how on earth is he going to get out of this one?' Yet he always does somehow. Great historical details, never sure if they're correct in a ficti [...]

    21. Tim Chaplin

      This is the first of the Pyke mystery's. Pyke is an anti-hero and a crook turned Bow Street runner who uses all means necessary to catch criminals. He becomes involved in a murder investigation when three people are murdered including a small child. He ends up becoming a suspect himself so has to avoid the gallows and clear his name. This is set in pre-victorian England in a dark time with descriptions of the poverty of seven-dials and the wait for execution in Newgate prison. There is also the [...]

    22. Graham

      Another library book I had to finish early because I just couldn't get on with it.I had no problem with the protagonist or the plot. From what I read, it was dark and seedy, and I enjoyed the way Pyke interacted with various elements of society (from the rich and famous to the dregs of humanity). A brutal murder kicks the story off in a very dark fashiond then we get a 20-page discourse on police organisation and the merits of a centralised force as opposed to the then-existent Bow Street Runner [...]

    23. Trawets

      The Last Days of Newgate by Andrew Pepper (my first book of 2011), is the first of series featuring a character called Pyke, a Bow Street Runner. while upholding the law Pyke often pursues his own agenda which includes fraud, theft and the killing of those who get in his way and whom he deems deserving of such a fate. The story which takes in themes as diverse as the founding of the Metropolitan Police, Catholic emancipation, prison reform and agricultural unrest rattles along at a good pace. Ho [...]

    24. Sarah

      I really liked this book. I thought the main character was interesting and I didn’t feel like the author was trying to make us see him as a good or a bad guy. He was clearly not a good person but there were flashes of goodness in him and I think writing a character in that way is far more interesting and real than if the character were wholly good or wholly bad. I enjoyed the story but the plot was a little bit thin I thought. I also enjoyed the romance and that is quite unusual for me. I thin [...]

    25. Wm

      This is one of those mysteries that combines literary discourse and historical fiction with a heaping dose of noirish grit and angst. There are some disturbing images (well, you know, it is about murders) and language. There were a couple of moments where the anti-hero elements mixed with some pulpish genre devices that almost made me laugh, but on the whole this is a grim, tense, violent book. I wouldn't recommend it. I kinda liked it.

    26. Kathy

      This was a pretty good book, a little disjointed at times, and I kinda think that this author has written about this character before (altho' the title says it's the first Pyke mystery). There was a lot of backstory with the main character Pyke that was glossed over like you would have been familiar with it from earlier books. But the story here was good (learned a lot about the prison systems in London).

    27. Tracy

      I am so torn about this book. I really, really didn't like the Pyke, the "protagonist" that much. He's a true anti-hero and kind of despicable, but it was such an intriguing story that I could almost forgive Pyke's hideous character.Very intriguing, set in a time period that I don't really see a lot of fiction tackle outside of military tales. I enjoyed it and did pick up the sequel today.

    28. Lynda

      A fun and easy read. Not motivated to care by the "everyone will disappoint you so care about nothing" sort of underlying attitude. Plot skims over some key details which may appeal to those who don't like to be bothered with the nitty gritty but in at least a couple places I found it bothered me. Fast paced. Grubby, in-the-era feel.

    29. James

      A great detective novel set in the hard, brutal world of late Georgian London. Our hero, Pyke, is as likeable as he is unlikeable, rough not only around the edges but all the way through as well. This is a world of cold-hearted aristocrats, penniless prostitutes, mindless violence, and unimaginable destitution. Brilliant stuff.

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