A Deafening Whisper

A Deafening Whisper Mia has lived a life full of harassment for an affliction not many understand She thought college would be different her escape after all people there are mature right She was wrong A rebellious g

  • Title: A Deafening Whisper
  • Author: Erik Schubach
  • ISBN: 9780988999817
  • Page: 208
  • Format: ebook
  • Mia has lived a life full of harassment, for an affliction not many understand She thought college would be different, her escape, after all, people there are mature right She was wrong.A rebellious girl, Vee, saves her from a bad situation and teaches her that every single day is a gift A romance blooms between them that not even time can erase.

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      208 Erik Schubach
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    One thought on “A Deafening Whisper

    1. Kageashi

      Written by the same author as "Return of the Asgard", "A Deafening Whisper" is so dramatically different that I had to verify before writing this review that it WAS, in fact, the same author. All of the problems I found in "Return of the Asgard" down to the basic narrative were missing from "A Deafening Whisper" and the story could barely be compared to the other. So much so that I won't further compare the two."A Deafening Whisper" is one of those rare pieces that is so poignantly written, so b [...]

    2. Fia

      This was a nice quick read. Although it was a stereotypical u-haul syndrome, more or less, it wasn't that annoying. I liked the way Schubach dealt with such a sensitive subject, as disability is. Maybe it wasn't the best way but I liked it. From the start we knew what's wrong with Mia. There's no surprise. But we do not know what is happening with Valla and honestly, it kept me quessing big time. I was quite surprised when I found out and (view spoiler)[all my hope for a happy ending flew away. [...]

    3. Kath

      Absolutely loved it My absolutely favorite one in the MOTS series, one of Erik's heartwarming story about love and being different and staying true to yourself.

    4. Jackie

      I listened to the book instead of reading it. I will say this. The book is sad and brought tears to my eyes. It is the second book in the series. I went back to this book after reading the fourth book to check some characters, since Sam comes up. In many books, in point of fact. The characters are masterfully written. The story line is amazing with the twists and turns that we are lead down. Like I say, the series can be read in any order, as each are stand alone books, butI have got more out of [...]

    5. For the Love of Books

      A Deafening Whisper is a beautiful emotionally touching read. It took me for a ride on an emotional rollercoaster. The story that Mr. Schubach has written made me laugh and cry, it broke my heart and put it back together all in the span of one wonderfully written book. This story grabs your heartstrings and will not let go until the end, and even then it still stays with you. I loved that the heroines have a disability, but together still possess such an unimaginable strength that they are able [...]

    6. Me

      I've never been a big fan of 'romance' books where one of the parties is already dead. It's sad hearing all about how they met, fell in love, and had a family, knowing they'll be dead soon. I almost stopped reading this because of that. I however decided (based on previous books in this series) that it might turn out ok. And it did. I loved this book. Was it sad an emotional, yes. Very much so. But was it a wonderful read, definitely. And it ended in a very wonderful, positive way. In the end, I [...]

    7. MD

      Let's see where to start: Oh yeah, this is sad, I'm not kidding but is beautiful, well written (I'm sure that people with a better knowledge of the English language will find mistakes but for me it was fine) This book was definitely better than Music of The Soul, more deep. I almost didn't read it but since I want to read the whole series I couldn't skip it. I'm so glad I didn't because as I mention above, It Is Beautiful. I loved the characters and the way that the story is told. The ending was [...]

    8. Ch

      “Am I yours?" She nodded. "Are you mine?” my emerald eyes searched her amber as she nodded again. "Then it's enough. Can I have every moment?" Okayyyyy, I wasn't ready for this. I feel so attacked after reading this. What did I do to deserve this kind of tortureeeeeee. No, really. This is a different card Erik pulled. This was different, from the beginning, the style was different. And eventhough the readers were already given a glimpse of what will happen, it still broke me. I am in pieces [...]

    9. Nomv

      This one made me cry. I am a sucker for romance. I am also a very sensitive person over these kind of ending. With that said, I almost stop myself from turning the page any further when I realized what going to happen next. However, I'm glad I continued reading this until the end. It was so worth it. I am at a borderline between giving this a four or a five. Apparently this work is so much better than the author's other works, added up with the significant improvement for the editing skill, a fi [...]

    10. Joan Clark

      This is a very complex read. Mia and her “quirks” will capture your heart and at times amuse you. She is a brilliant artist with a huge heart. Mia’s childhood and past experiences shadow her past with pain, not unheard of when dealing with hurtful peers. Valla is the tough; take no prisoner, protector of the underdogs. Her sense of morals and compassion make her a character I will carry with me as an example of a champion. This romance is incredibly sweet and one of my favorites. This book [...]

    11. Katie

      Absolutely AMAZING. It oulled out my heart strings, At one point I think my heart was actually breaking, The pain I got was horrible. I love this book, I read it in a day and as soon as i finished it I wanted to go back and read it again. Valla and Mia's story was beautiful, I have never read anything like it. The patience Valla had with Mia and how Mia was being strog for Valla but then just breaking down when she was on her own. It was a beautiful story. Loved the ending as well, that made me [...]

    12. Lola

      This is my favorite from this series because I felt Erik developed the characters and I felt empathy for Mia and all she has endured and will continue to endure. Without spoiling the end, which is a great ending by the way, it did not end they way I expected had a much more hopeful ending than I anticipated. I highly recommend this book and the other books which continues the story of the Jacobs family.

    13. Fin

      This was not a bad book, but it was rushed in places and in those places where it was rushed, it was really REALLY rushed.I also thought it was somewhat creepy the level of detail and intimacy that Mia shared with Abby and Sam when telling the story of her and Valla.Overall, I liked it, the story was cute but terribly flawed in both story/character development and the grammar/spelling was awful.

    14. Joanna

      This story was so sweet and heart wrenching and heart warming and so full of emotions. Fear, love, anger, hate, laughter. The relationships formed were beautiful and well thought out. The end through me a bit but it made me wish there was another book so I could just keep reading. I missed the characters after I was done. The narrators voice kind of hurt my ears! She was not goodbut the story held its own just fine that I was able to get over her monotone screech.

    15. Tony Hisgett

      An excellent well written story. I nearly gave it 5 stars but I did feel it tried a bit too hard to play with my emotions. Even so I enjoyed the book and didn't put it down until I had finished. (warning, have a box of tissues handy)

    16. Sally Trotter

      This is one of the best in the MOTS series we are introduced to Mia Jacobs who features in future books in the series

    17. Ed Ray

      I liked the characters and the warmth, loyalty, and love they had for each other. Story is sad and happy at the same time. Punched me in the gut.

    18. Kat Giraldo

      So far it is my least favorite music of the soul book, but i still liked it! It was a heart wrenching story, filled with the descriptions and subtle hints to the other books i have come to love!

    19. Alealea

      I picked this one because it was in a list called "the 40 lesfic you must read" or something similar. huh. It's not that bad, but it lost a star to the epilogue that was just so screwy. I don't mind happily ever after, but it just was too sudden. It sad for a book with multiple disabled characters but I don't think it passthe Fries test.

    20. WonderGoon

      This didn't suffer from the same poor editing as the previous books in the series, so that is a plus.Good book with good characterizations. Enjoyable.

    21. Rae

      I would have given the book more stars, but the author needed to do more research on CF. There were some MAJOR details ignored about how cf affects ones life every day.

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