Secret Alpha

Secret Alpha Secret Alpha is book in the A is for Alpha Male Series and is considered a companion novel to A is for Alpha Male Please read A is for Alpha Male before reading this book I m Dan Smith and I m curr

  • Title: Secret Alpha
  • Author: Laurel Ulen Curtis
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Secret Alpha is book 2 in the A is for Alpha Male Series and is considered a companion novel to A is for Alpha Male Please read A is for Alpha Male before reading this book I m Dan Smith, and I m currently living two lives Maybe even three if you really look into it Haley, Allison, Hunter, Wade, Sergio, and Isla all exist in one or of them somehow Am I a support Secret Alpha is book 2 in the A is for Alpha Male Series and is considered a companion novel to A is for Alpha Male Please read A is for Alpha Male before reading this book I m Dan Smith, and I m currently living two lives Maybe even three if you really look into it Haley, Allison, Hunter, Wade, Sergio, and Isla all exist in one or of them somehow Am I a supporting role in their stories, or are they merely characters in mine You decide Haley told her story Now I ll tell mine She said He said This is my story Warning Some explicit language and sexual content Note This is a full length novel at 75,700 words It is slightly longer than A is for Alpha Male.

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    One thought on “Secret Alpha

    1. Danielle

      It was my unbelievable luck that I was provided an ARC of Secret Alpha in exchange for an honest review. It is my honor to do so. And before I tell you what I thought of this book, I want to first tell you that I am not that great with words. Nevertheless I hope my review convinces you to read it. You will be doing yourself a huge favor by reading this series. I can promise you you will not be disappointed!Now, I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS BOOK. And that is an understatement. I am not even sure that [...]

    2. dreamerinexile

      Alpha all the way 5.*Received an ARC from the awesome AUTHOR for an honest review*I LOOOOOVED THIS ONE! Okay so this is from Dan-o's POV and we found out what he's been up to all the while Hales was on the road trip. I've always had a soft spot for male POVs and this one was beautifully written. I loved the little details that we missed in the first book and I was like oh that's what happened.A lot of things are cleared off in this one. And Dan-o makes you love him even more. Is that even possib [...]

    3. Anas AtticBook Blog

      Secret Alpha by Laurel Ulen CurtisCompanion Male POV to A is for Alpha Male which should be read first.Humorous (at times) romance.My biggest surprise read of 2013 was a little book called A is for Alpha Male by Laurel Ulen Curtis. One of my favorite reads of the year, it made me laugh and swoon. I just fell in love with the characters! Haley and Allison, daughter and mother, went on a road trip in search of their very own Kristen Ashley alpha male. Not only did I love all of the references to m [...]

    4. Julie Mancini

      I won an early release copy of this book and couldn’t wait to read it. So first things first: 1) This is not just a retelling of A is for Alpha Male from Danny’s perspective. While there are some of the same scenes from his side, there is a whole lot more. We get to learn a lot more about Danny and what he was thinking in regards to Haley. 2) This can totally be read as a Stand Alone. You do not have to have read A is for Alpha to enjoy this book. (Although I totally suggest you do because H [...]

    5. Raine

      I loved this book. Definitely much better than the first book and I liked seeing the story from Dan's POV. The writing really did get better with this book and I basically read every word. I thought it was a great book but the downside is that you need to read the first book to get the right experience with this book. Dan is actually an alpha though in the first book he doesn't seem like one. I would re-read this book again (but not the first one).

    6. JackieKiwibooknerd

      I absolutely freaking loved it!!!!! It was so nice to get inside Dan's head and see the story from his side. Even though its a companion novel, and you more or less know whats coming, it's still like reading a completely different book and there are still plenty of surprises.I really really hope there are more books in this series. I reckon Wade needs a HEA, not to mention HunterGreat, Great series not to mention one fabulously talented author!!!

    7. Shannon

      *ARC Received*Laurel does it again. As I've said before reviews are not my forte, but seeing things through Danny's POV helps solve some of the mysterious happenings in Alpha Male that were only insinuated. They have a love that most would kill for, and Haley's sarcasm is just as vibrant! Love this couple and can't wait to hear Hunter's and Allison's story! Hint hint

    8. Kim

      WARNING: Do not read this book if you have not read A is for Alpha Male!“Dare to dream, Wade. Sometimes, it’s all we have.”Haley Whitfield is one of my absolute favorite heroines, and A is for Alpha Male sits on my all-time favorite list. When I heard that the author was going write a book from Danny’s point of view, my first thought was “sign me up baby”! I knew that watching him experience Haley’s personal brand of crazy while falling hard for her was going to be just as much fun [...]

    9. Surrender to Books

      I was given this book as an arc in exchange for an honest review.Secret Alpha reflects on the previous book, A is for Alpha Male, but from Dan 'fucking' Smiths point of view. A is for Alpha Male was about a journey that was taken by Haley and her mother Allison. The journey was to find an Alpha Male for each of them (the likes of which had been depicted in all of Kristen Ashley's books, which is where their reference of an Alpha Male came from), however where their journey was light, fun, crazy, [...]

    10. Three Chicks

      4.5 Star Review by Jen SkewesA is for Alpha Male was one of my favorite reads of last year. I freakin loved Dan "Fucking" Smith. So much that I wished I had a Dan Smith of my own. When I found out that Ms. Curtis was writing the book from his POV of was ecstatic. I could not wait to get inside his head, to see his feeling for Haley and find out exactly what he did while she was on the road. And after reading Secret Alpha I may just love Dan Smith even more. What I loved about this book was that [...]

    11. Rebecca

      Dan fucking Smith – I knew there was more to this secret alpha than what readers were given in A is for Alpha. But I didn’t know how deep it went until I got his point of view in this companion novel. I love the male perspective; it’s usually in your face and no holds barred and that is exactly what readers get in Secret Alpha.Dan’s story unravels the mystery of his past and sheds light on what he’s doing as Hales and Allison continue their alpha male road trip. I don’t want to give [...]

    12. Lezanda Genis

      ** ARC Received**I liked this author after I read “Impossible”, loved her after "A is for Alpha Male” and now I guess you could call me a stalker.I absolutely loved the interactions between Danny and Wade.“You’re not going to make perfect decisions, Danny. It’s just not possible. But you can manage the consequences. Do that and everything should turn out fine. And I’ll always be here to back you up”It took Danny a long time to understand that the family he had with Wade was just [...]

    13. Sweet and Spicy Books

      Dan SmithDan F*cking SmithWhen he was a just a child his world was torn apart, thrown into a live of lies he has worked hard to take the bad guys down. He's good at his job, and the nameless women that occupy his free time is a necessity. His life style isn't one for romance, especially not the great loves written in books. But when he meets Haley, that exactly what he wants to give her, he just has to figure out how.Every coin has two sides and this one is Dan's. We get to see him as a child, m [...]

    14. Cara Nicole

      You must read A is for Alpha Male before reading Secret Alpha! I was lucky enough to be gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review. I’m always weary about reading a novel that looks like it is the same as the first one, from a different point of view. I don’t want to reread the same story again. I’m happy to report that you don’t have to worry about that with Secret Alpha, I felt like I was reading a completely different story. Were there parts that overlapped? Of course, the story w [...]

    15. Nikki

      When I heard Ms. Curtis was writing a companion to A is for Alpha from Dan's pov, I was so excited! I couldn't wait! I absofreakinglutely loved Alpha and was quite intrigued to see Dan-O's side of things and learn about some events that we had no knowledge of from Haley's pov. Let me just say, it was just as awesome as I was hoping! Secret Alpha still had all the funny, laugh out loud bits I adored from the first book, but it also had a more serious edge. With Dan's other job and all, we got to [...]

    16. Red Cheeks Reads

      OK, so basically this is Dan’s POV from A is For Alpha. I am not trying to be bossy or anything but if you haven’t read A is for Alpha first, I need you to go buy that sucker now. This could be read as a standalone but why would you? A is For Alpha is amazeballs.While I am not usually a fan of the same book from a different POV, I really loved this one a lot! Mostly because Danny was so super secretive though all of A is For Alpha. It was really interesting to see what he got up to while Hal [...]

    17. Megan

      *eARC from the Author* -Thank You!*5 Stars*Please read "A is For Alpha Male" before you read this book. Yes, its a companion novel but its also Dan-O's Point of view from book 1.In this book you get Dan-O's Point of View. I loved his side of things. It was as funny as the first book and I really loved it. I really think Dan-O just went up on my hotness meter. He could be a sweetheart one minute then the next he could make you laugh your ass off. They just totally clicked from the start.I really [...]

    18. Mary-Lynn

      Loved this 2nd installment even better than the first. Written from Danny's POV it's not a rehash of the original story but actually gives insight into Danny's early life and the events along the way that helped shape his future.As Haley and Allison continue on their road trip out to the West Coast we get glimpses of Danny's life outside of bartending at The Cabin - and the workings of his relationship with Ward. The recaps from the first book revolve around Haley's check-in calls from each pit [...]

    19. Amber

      3.5 starsis book was INFINITELY better than the first, because it was from Danny's POV. Because he was the only thing about the first book I liked I was hopeful thus one would be more enjoyable . I'm glad I was right. WAY better. I liked all of his past and learning all the details of what he was dealing with in the present along with what he was thinking when he was with Haley. I was still ticked off for what went down though and felt he should have taken everything a little more seriously so I [...]

    20. Ricki

      I was given a copy of Secret Alpha for an honest review.I loved A is for Alpha Male and have been waiting for Danny's story!!! Laurel Ulen Curtis did not disappoint! I was great to finally read Danny's POV (Laurel is a master at writing a male POV just like she did in This One Girl) and finding out the real Dan F'ing Smith. I loved how she gave us the insight of his life before meeting Haley and especially how he was "with" her the entire cross country road trip. It explained a lot of the clues [...]

    21. Laura Elizabeth

      This was a boring retell from his POV of previous book. It mostly focuses on his undercover job that was going on while he and Hailey were getting it on. No new info on him and Hailey. Waste of money. First book was five star read for me so this is big disappointment. I was hoping this would have a side a romance between Allison and Wade , but no such luck.

    22. Tasha

      **Spoiler Free Review after receiving an ARC of Secret Alpha**I was more than happy to receive an ARC of Secret Alpha! I absolutely loved "A is for Alpha Male" and couldn't wait to read Danny's POV!! Laurel did not disappoint!! I finished reading it at 1:30 this morning and was on such a high!! I couldn't sleep! I am still swooning over Danny and all his ooey gooey yummyness!!! I am already considering re-reading it tonight!! I miss Dan-O and Hales already!!! Drop everything you are doing on Tue [...]

    23. Michelle

      BUY THIS BOOK NOW!!! (But read the other book in the series first!) I am normally not a re-read the book in a different POV kind of girl, but I was wrong as this was done so right! Smart and witty and if you love KA --- read this immediately. Dan-O has secrets, but he can't share them least not just yet. RATING: 5 Stars TYPE OF NOVEL: Mature Adult Romance, Funny CHARACTERS: Haley "Hales" Whitfield & Dan "Danny" SmithSERIES: Stand Alone BookDATE FINISHED: 2014/06/17

    24. Debra Simmons

      I freaking loved this book! You have to read A is For Alpha Male first to truly appreciate the brilliance that is Laurel Ulen Curtis. This is the perfect companion book told from Danny's POV! I loved every word, felt every emotion and I hated that it had to end. Now all I want to do is reread both books together! I'm suffering from a major book hangover! I hope there will be more books in this seriesey are pure perfection!

    25. Pam

      OMG YAY!!! Dan's POV ;) Loved the first book, so I can't wait for this one! *Teaser's photo's taken from Author's review

    26. Raven

      Wow!! Enjoyed the book thoroughly. I was a bit skeptical about reading the same story from Dan's POV, but there is so much more in Secret Alpha that you'll learn about Dan and his story. Laurel Curtis did it again!! She was flawless in her writing. You'll love the Secret Alpha if you loved the first book. Enjoy reading about Danny!! <3

    27. Dottie

      4.5 stars. I love this series! I was confused; I thought this was going to be Allison's story but instead it's Danny's. It was great getting into his head. He's pretty endearing. I really enjoyed it, very much, and will anxiously await more books in this series!

    28. Jacqueline Kinion Falkenberry

      Awesome!!I loved this one just as much as her side also helped fill in some of the questions from her story. This a must read to get the full effect of their story another hit

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