Cat Shout for Joy

Cat Shout for Joy From award winning author Shirley Rousseau Murphy comes the next charming mysteryin the critically acclaimed Joe Grey series Joe Grey and Dulcie are thrilled to be awaiting their first litter but th

  • Title: Cat Shout for Joy
  • Author: Shirley Rousseau Murphy
  • ISBN: 9780062403490
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From award winning author Shirley Rousseau Murphy comes the next charming mysteryin the critically acclaimed Joe Grey series .Joe Grey and Dulcie are thrilled to be awaiting their first litter, but their joy is bittersweet They are also sad for Pan s father, the old yellow cat Misto, whose time on earth is drawing to a close.While the proud parents await the birth ofFrom award winning author Shirley Rousseau Murphy comes the next charming mysteryin the critically acclaimed Joe Grey series .Joe Grey and Dulcie are thrilled to be awaiting their first litter, but their joy is bittersweet They are also sad for Pan s father, the old yellow cat Misto, whose time on earth is drawing to a close.While the proud parents await the birth of their babies, the criminals are busy, too The Molena Point PD has stepped up patrols to apprehend a street prowler who has been attacking the village s elderly citizens Neither the police nor the cats have a clue about the culprit s identity or what is motivating the attacks There are no witnesses, and even puzzling, the assailant has left no clues behind at any of the scenes, not even a trace of evidence no hairs or fabric particles, not even a lost button It s as if the perpetrator is a ghost.The case becomes a homicide when one of the victims dies, leaving everyone in the town including Joe Grey and his furry sleuthing companions on edge, just as the kittens arrive .

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    One thought on “Cat Shout for Joy

    1. Marlene

      Originally published at Reading RealityI think the art on the cover of this entry in the Joe Grey series is intended to represent Dulcie and Joe Grey’s impending kittens. The calico is Courtney, the white cat is Buffin and the dark one is Striker.Of course I could be wrong about the picture, but I’m right about the kittens. The joy in this book is that Dulcie is expecting, and part of the story is Joe Grey’s, and everyone else’s, reaction to Dulcie’s impending motherhood.No one except [...]

    2. Betty

      Joe and Dulcie are prowling the roofs of Molina Point looking the person who is knocking down the elderly. Dulcie is concerned about Joe's reaction to her news. Misto is dying and has a few prophecies. Pan and Kit travel to the Netherworld.Their human friends are busy trying to solve why someone is targeting the elderly and not robbing them. Mabel is out with surgery and her relief does not like cats. So access to Max office is not easy. Looking forward to more adventures of Joe and friends.Disc [...]

    3. Susan Johnston

      Princess Fuzzypants here:Before there was Diesel or Hamlet or any of the many kitty heroes in the world of cozies, there was Joe Grey, Dulcie and Kit with all their friends human and furred.It has been such a trip reading about their adventures from the time when they first discovered they could speak to their humans. Not only could they speak, but they turned out to be the most reliable snitches that the Molena Point PD ever had. From initial suspicion to eventual acceptance and respect, Police [...]

    4. Karen B.

      I was delighted to find this book available as I try to follow the Joe Grey books. And I was not disappointed. Once again there are strange things going on and Joe Grey is quick on the ball to make sure that Molena Point's Police Department hears from their "snitch" about things that couldn't possibly have known any other way; helping them in a murder investigation. Although all of the Joe Grey books are mostly about the cats this one has even less emphasis on the crimes, although Joe and a very [...]

    5. Ann

      I read this series off and on and this is a great addition. Joe and Dulcie are expecting kittens as they are trying to solve a series of muggings and murders. Misto has predicted that one of their newborns will be an incarnate of an ancient cat known for his wisdom. I love the idea that cats can speak to humans and are so intelligent. A wonderful addition to the Joe Grey series.

    6. Peter Tillman

      I hadn't read a Joe Grey book in awhile, and this is a good one, though not one of her best. As always, the best parts are the cats, and the long-running human characters. In this episode, Joe Grey and Dulcie have kittens! There's a murder mystery too, which strains WSOD at times. And a trip to Netherland, a fantasy underworld that didn't do much for me. After 19 books, I suppose it's hard to come up with a book's worth of fresh material. Cautiously recommended to fans. If you're new to the seri [...]

    7. Jeanette

      I chose to read Cat Shout for Joy by Shirley Rousseau Murphy for the 2017 Popsugar challenge - cat on the cover (four cats to be precise). This book is part of a long series of cat detective mysteries (number 19) - in which the talking cats of Molena Point - a small touristy town near Sans Francisco - help their human friends solve crime. A prankster is pushing over elderly people in Molena Point, injuring and in some cases killing them. The Molena Point Police Department suspect that deadly pra [...]

    8. Sandie Herron

      Molena Point, California is alive with the activities of its human and feline populations. Sentient cat Joe Grey’s lady love Dulcie has good news for everyone: she is expecting kittens! Joe Grey is beside himself with joy and wonder as Dulcie’s pregnancy progresses. However, they are saddened as the old yellow cat Misto is dieing. He says it is only his time on earth that is ending. He gives them many prophecies and says an exciting future awaits them all. He predicts that Dulcie will have t [...]

    9. Mason

      A light-hearted mystery that will tug at your heart-strings, CAT SHOUT FOR JOY by Shirley Rousseau Murphy will also keep you guessing as to the reason and the culprit of the crimes.This delightful mystery features the antics and sleuthing techniques of a gray tomcat named Joe Grey and his dark striped companion Dulcie, along with several other furry investigating companions and a few humans.This story begins with a mixture of emotions. Joe Grey and Dulcie’s friends, Pan (the red tomcat) and Ki [...]

    10. Kim Reads (Read Your Writes Book Reviews)

      An intriguing magical story.Molena Point, California has had an increase in attacks. What makes these attacks interesting is that the victims are all elderly. They are attacked when they are alone, at different times of the day. The attacks involve being hit on the head and pushed down. There’s no robbery and the perpetrator seemingly disappears. Unfortunately, several of the attacks have lead to the victims’ deaths. Police are at a loss as to what’s going on and why. It’s time for Joe G [...]

    11. Jessica Bronder

      Someone seems to be pranking the elderly. Sneaking up behind them and surprising them. Unfortunately the surprises start getting more and more vicious until they start dying. It’s up to Joe Grey and the team to figure out who is causing the deaths and to find out why.On top of this, Joe and Dulcie are expecting kittens. There is some stress about the whole parenthood thing along with if the kittens will be able to talk and how to keep their secret safe. But it is also bitter sweet since it is [...]

    12. Karen GoatKeeper

      Senior citizens are being attacked in Molina Point. Someone is sneaking up on them, pushing them over and vanishing leaving no clues. The police and the cats are baffled and angry.Then a couple of the victims end up dead.Are the attacks random? Were the deaths accidents?Another victim is shot. The hunt is on for the motive as this was no accident.As usual there are numerous subplots. Some feed into the main plot. Others are part of the series stories.Even though the book is part of a series, it [...]

    13. Norma Munson

      Can't wait for the next in the series! Will be fun to know more of the kittens' story!FYI:The first book in the series introduces Joe and Dulcie and tell how they realized they could speak.They and other characters (including the humans!) are best understood when reading the series roughly in order. Don't miss "Cat On The Money" (#6.5) which can be read online at joegrey/money01m. (link accurate at the time of this review.)For more of Misto's story, read "The Cat, the devil and Lee Fontana" and [...]

    14. DianeDarby

      This series just keeps getting better. If you are new to these stories, you really need to read them in order to understand the evolving plotlines. Talking cats! Really! In this series it doesn't really seem so outlandish. And you've got to love the interaction between the cats and their humans. Especially when one is giving the other the "hairy eyeball". It isn't murder at its best, but it's a fun, relaxing way to keep the outside world at bay, and maybe dream just a little of a world of talkin [...]

    15. Phillis

      I've read all of the Joe Grey series and have loved each one. This one is no different. Its a mystery and Joe Grey is a talking cat. He always gets involved with the solving the dilemma. Some of the humans in the book know Joe and a few of his friends can talk but most don't. Joe and the others can only speak at times when no one else is around except their owners. As a result Joe is a CI and calls in his findings. The Chief of Police doesn't know its a cat he's talking to, but has trusted the i [...]

    16. Joanne Garbato

      There has been a series of attacks on the elderly in Molena Point.When one of the victims dies it becomes a homicide investigation.The crime solving cats help out the police with anonymous phone calls giving helpful info.This was my first experience with the Joe Grey mysteries and anthropomorphic animals.I enjoyed this unique mystery and am planning to read the rest of the series to get the background and history of the characters,especially the cats.I was enchanted by Joe Grey,his mate Dulcie,f [...]

    17. Lois

      I have read every one of the Joe Grey books and also The Catsworld Portal. I so look forward to each new one and this one didn't disappoint. I have to admit to shedding some tears. I just may read this book a second time before returning it to the library.

    18. Carol

      One of her best involving these adorable cats! I absolutely love this series but not one of my friends, co-workers or family members are readers, let alone are anywhere near understanding the concept of "talking" cats. Well done Shirley!

    19. Marg Corjay

      I enjoyed this the most out of the recent additions to the series. Brought together many of the recurring storylines. These are entertaining believable cozy mysteries without any silliness. I like the animal rescue and Celtic mythology subplots.

    20. JoanMcKenzie

      This is one of the series I always pre-order from Kindle as soon as it is announced. It never disappoints.

    21. Diane

      3.3 stars. I'm a longtime fan of this light, cozy, but not-too-silly mystery series. Though I've found some installments more gripping or appealing than others, it's always nice to visit Molena Point's talking cats and their friends and allies, some in on the secret and others not. Suspense-plot-wise, this one is average or a smidge below, but there are emotional developments to balance that. I guessed part of the motivation ((view spoiler)[revenge on jury members (hide spoiler)]), but not the d [...]

    22. Jennifer

      Ok, apparently I started with #19 of a series. Honestly, not sure how this series has lasted so long. I love cats, but that wasn't enough to make up for the sheer stupidity in this book. I'm fine with the talking cats, less fine with morphing the cats into pseudo-human in their sensibilities, but what the heck was with the mystery?? It was so illogical! Ben was taking photos of SHOES?? The police somehow missed that the convicted rapist/killer had a MOTHER? Not only a mother, but apparently a fa [...]

    23. Allyson Dyar

      When I’m reading a series, I don’t normally write reviews for individual books, but this one was so good that it deserves its own entry.The theme of the book reminds me of the old Ben Casey series opening: Man, Woman, Birth, Death…Infinity.I can’t really review the book without giving any of the plot line away, but I found the story compelling and the mystery to be top-notch. I will say that it’s sad in some places, joyful in others. The book is a contrast of good versus evil, birth ve [...]

    24. Darlene Ramsey

      Joe and Dulcie prepare for an exciting event.With the attacks on the elderly residents of Molina Point, Joel Grey and the talking cats band together to try to find the absolute evil person that is causing all of the strife among the e elderly residents. Along the way Kit and Pan have gone to the netherworld only Misto is coming to the end and everyone is worried that Kit and Pan won't be able to get back in time. Dulcie finally takes Joel in her confidence. Three people have succumbed to the att [...]

    25. Pamela Sutton

      Great read!! Could hardly put it downI'm a long time fan of the Molina Point feline anti-crime bunch, and they just get better each time. Also, on pins and needles to discover kittens skills

    26. Jean Nicholson

      I'd read some of this series a few years ago & when a friend started telling me how good she found them decided to read this one. Disappointed - it dragged a lot. maybe it's me that has changed my taste in reading but I enjoy other cat books so who knows. Just very average read.

    27. Mary

      Looking for truly mindless reading? Here ya go. Cats with a political agenda?? Finished in a rainy day.

    28. Sharon Bell tabbert

      GREAT as usualLove Joe Grey & his feline love. Can't wait for the next chapter in his new family life & of course his human friends.

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