A Touch of Scandal

A Touch of Scandal The last thing Garrett Duke of Calton expects to find while tracking his sworn enemy is the delectable mysterious Kate This beautiful servant girl rouses a longing the battle scarred ex soldier had

  • Title: A Touch of Scandal
  • Author: Jennifer Haymore
  • ISBN: 9780446540278
  • Page: 311
  • Format: Paperback
  • The last thing Garrett, Duke of Calton, expects to find while tracking his sworn enemy is the delectable, mysterious Kate This beautiful servant girl rouses a longing the battle scarred ex soldier had never hoped to feel again But when she turns out to be the sister of the man he seeks, he s convinced he s been betrayed.Kate knows her duty to her family, yet how can sheThe last thing Garrett, Duke of Calton, expects to find while tracking his sworn enemy is the delectable, mysterious Kate This beautiful servant girl rouses a longing the battle scarred ex soldier had never hoped to feel again But when she turns out to be the sister of the man he seeks, he s convinced he s been betrayed.Kate knows her duty to her family, yet how can she ignore Garrett s powerful pull on her heart Or the heady temptation of his stolen and sizzling kisses Scandal has followed the duke since the war Now the greatest shock of all is on its way the one that can separate Garrett and Kate forever.

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    One thought on “A Touch of Scandal

    1. Verity

      3.5 STARS.This Cinderella story (he’s a scandal-magnet Duke, she’s a housekeeper’s daughter who – gasp ! - enjoys peeping @ the Duke’s nekid @$$) didn’t evoke as strong a visceral response from me as the prequel’s love triangle did. Prolly ‘cuz this sequel’s plot wasn’t as complex / compelling as AHOW. The one thing that kinda bothered me was how quickly Kate fell head over toes for Garrett. Ok, I like drooling over a gorgeous traffic-stopper as much as the next person, unles [...]

    2. Angelc

      Kate Fisk is forced by her family to be a maid in her brother's home. Between those duties and caring for her sickly young brother, Reggie, Kate never has time for herself. Until she spots the handsom stranger in her special spot, the pool between her brother's house and the abandoned manor where she lives with her mother and Reggie. She feels like the stranger has been sent from Mt. Olympus and she isn't even sure if he's real. But when he spots her spying on him and introduces himself, she rea [...]

    3. Dinjolina

      This whole rew is connected to The rew of book oneEnjoy my rant!This book succeeded in being a bigger mess than the first one. I have no idea HOW!Maybe it was some of the following things:a)Garret just poof stopped thinking about Sophie as soon as he started liking Kate. Fickle man! All that drama in book one and now he just lives it down in five minutes? Super. Makes me wonder why he ever called dibs on Sophie when he was young. He should have just left her to Tristan THEN.b)The mistress. God w [...]

    4. Cinnamon

      Just like that, Jennifer Haymore has once again caught my attention and left me completely captivated. Her tales of romance, deception, and adventure continue in A TOUCH OF SCANDAL, the sequel to A Hint of Wicked. Admittedly I was a little nervous about reading this book. A Hint of Wicked was so emotional and so good that I honestly didn’t any of her other books could live up. We’ve all witnessed a sequel that didn’t quite meet our expectations and I didn’t want to see this from Ms. Haym [...]

    5. Elizabeth

      Jennifer Haymore’s books are sophisticated, deeply sensual, and emotionally complex. With a dead sexy hero, a sweetly practical heroine, and a love story that draws together two people from vastly different backgrounds, A TOUCH OF SCANDAL is positively captivating!

    6. Mandi Schreiner

      Why I read: I received the book for review from the publisher. Favorite Quote: “But I would kill any man that touched you. I can’t let you go.”Katherine Fisk has been peeking at a mysterious man for eight days now. Every day on her three mile walk home from work, she sees this delectable man bathing in a pond. It has become the highlight of her day, after working as a maid to her brother William and his wife Rebecca. All is not how it seems however. Her brother eloped with Rebecca four mon [...]

    7. Joana

      Garrett, duque de Calton, chega com o intuito de levar LAdy Rebecca, sua irmã, para casa, matando o seu marido, Willian Fisk, o desprezível soldado que o atraiçoara de diversas formas!Mas, o que Garrett não esperava era encontrar Kate a bela e aventureira Kate, que com a sua inocência e ingenuidade torna-se o centro do mundo do duque.Mas, como seria de esperar, não será fácil unir estes dois apaixonados!A começar por William, que apanha Garrett e Kate num momento íntimo, e prende o duq [...]

    8. Bookaholics

      A Touch of Scandal by Jennifer HaymoreHistorical Romance- March 30th, 20105 starsThis is the second book in Jennifer Haymore’s Regency series. In the first book, A Hint of Wicked, 2 men vie for the love of 1 woman. Garrett the Duke of' Carlton returns home after years of amnesia to find his young wife, Sophie has remarried to his best friend! Unfortunately, Sophie and Garrett have changed and Sophie finds she is really in love with his friend Tristan. Rejected, his hopes dashed, Garrett was a [...]

    9. Kathleen

      After reading A Hint Of Wicked, I so wanted to read Garrett's story. As I read this book, I was not quite sure of what I thought. There were parts that I did not like, parts that I did and some parts that I loved. Would I tell anyone they had to read this book? No I would not. But over all I did like it enough to want to read the next book in the series, A Season Of Seduction.

    10. Adriana

      Acabei hoje Um Toque de Escândalo, o segundo livro da serie James que conta como protagonista o Duque de Calton - que já era um dos protagonistas do primeiro livro desta serie. Garrett, desde os seus tempos de guerra que viveu num constante escandalo devido ao seu divórcio com Sophie que casou enquanto achava que ele estava morto com o seu melhor amigo Tristan. Amargurado e magoado, deseja vingar-se do homem que o destruiu.Kate Fisk tem um hábito secreto de observar um estranho homem a banha [...]

    11. Jen

      I received a copy of this book to review. It is being released on March 30th.Jennifer Haymore is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. With her elegant descriptions and heart-tugging plot lines, I can't say enough good things. In the follow-up to A Hint of Wicked, we learn more about Garrett James, the long lost Duke of Calton. He's on the hunt for William Fisk, the man who stole his life and fortune for eight years. He's out for revenge and has no intention of stopping until he gets it.K [...]

    12. Kris - My Novelesque Life

      4 STARS "The last thing Garrett, Duke of Calton, expects to find while tracking his sworn enemy is the delectable, mysterious Kate. This beautiful servant girl rouses a longing the battle-scarred ex-soldier had never hoped to feel again. But when she turns out to be the sister of the man he seeks, he's convinced he's been betrayed.Kate knows her duty to her family, yet how can she ignore Garrett's powerful pull on her heart? Or the heady temptation of his stolen-and sizzling-kisses? Scandal has [...]

    13. Freda Mans-Labianca

      This book to me was a lot like most romances. There was a bit of suspense, they met and ravaged each other, fell madly in love and then had a family. Not much out of the ordinary really, but still entertaining.This is one of those books that you read on a rainy day. You can easily get lost in the story, and will find it a fairly easy read. There were a few new words to me, but I enjoy learning and looking words up.All in all, not bad, not great.

    14. Mafi

      3,5 estrelasA história não me cativou como a do primeiro livro mas mesmo assim gostei de ler e viver o romance da Kate e do Garrett =)Curiosa para ler o 3º livro e ver como vai ser a história da Rebecca!

    15. Isalys

      A Touch of Scandal is the follow-up novel to Haymore's A HINT OF WICKED which I reviewed back in May of 2009. It was because of that novel that I fell in love with regency romance and Jennifer has now become one of my auto-buy/favorite historical romance authors.In A HINT OF WICKED, we meet Sophie, the Duchess of Calton and her new husband Tristan, best friend and heir to her deceased husband, Garrett, the Duke of Calton.It was believed that Garrett had perished during a battle in Waterloo. Howe [...]

    16. Sandy M

      I knew with Jennifer Haymore’s debut book, A Hint of Wicked, that I’d found myself a new autobuy author, and AToS, which picks up where AHoW leaves off, proves that I made the right decision. And best of all, I like this latest book even more than her first.Of course, Garrett is a favorite since we met him in AHoW. Having lost the love of his life to his cousin, he sets off on a return journey to the woman he thinks might soothe his broken heart. But he doesn’t get quite that far before bo [...]

    17. Tempo de Ler

      A jovem Kate não está habituada a receber apreço; nem mesmo, e principalmente, daqueles que lhe são mais próximos. Acostumada a ser ignorada, basta um vislumbre de Garret para que se veja consumida pelo perigoso fogo da paixão… perigoso porque Kate se sente terrível e irremediavelmente atraída pelo homem errado! Garret já experimentou e sobreviveu a coisas horríveis…Há imenso tempo que não sentia nada com intensidade, até que a doçura de Kate faz com que o seu coração recomec [...]

    18. Patti TheLoveJunkee

      A Touch of Scandal started off with a bang: Kate Fisk is leaving her employer's house to go watch a naked man bathe!!! Whoa!Kate is the daughter of a servant, and her current employer is actually her brother William and his new wife, Rebecca. William has married "up" and doesn't want Rebecca to know his true station. He can't afford a bunch of servants so Kate works for them. It is while walking from her brother's home to her own that she comes across a beautiful man bathing in a small lake. Sin [...]

    19. Ana Luisa

      viv-omundoencantadodoslivros.bQuando terminei a leitura do livro anterior “Um Toque de Perversão”, fiquei muito curiosa acerca do destino do Duque de Calton. Garrett parecia um homem tão correcto que acabei um pouco desgostosa com tudo o que lhe tinha sucedido e pensei que não merecia um fardo tão grande, depois de tudo o que tinha passado depois da guerra. Afinal tudo não passou de um engano da minha parte, pois a autora apenas tinha preparado o seu caminho para um felicidade absoluta [...]

    20. Sabrina

      From the opening paragraphs, I immediately knew I was in for a treat with A Touch of Scandal. Who wouldn't be excited about a Historical Romance with this as the second paragraph? Taking a deep breath, she forcefully slowed her step, squared her shoulders, and lowered her eyes. She was simply a servant, finished with her duties for the day, ready to take the 3 mile walk home. Not a flustered woman rushing out to a secret secluded spot to watch a strange man – no a god, more like – bathe in t [...]

    21. Michelle (Undeniably Book Nerdy)

      I stayed away from the first book in this series A Hint of Wicked because it has one of those love triangle plot lines and if there's one plot line I dislike it's that. When this book was offered by Hachette as one of their blog tour books and it doesn't seem like it has that plot line, I jumped at the chance to read it as I've been wanting to read this author since A Hint of Wicked came out and made a bit of a splash.I wasn't disappointed. The writing was really good and the book was interestin [...]

    22. Blodeuedd Finland

      First it annoyed me so much, secondly I loved it. Haha, yes I seldom think HR is better than ok, but this one, it just sucked me in.Kate is spying on a man bathing, and has for many days. Then they finally speak, and she is just silly and naive. Telling him she loves him and can feel his heart. Wanting to throw away her innocence right there and then. And later, telling him that she knows he will do the right thing. Well yeah, even your lover can be a crazy murdering rapist when you are not arou [...]

    23. Veronica

      My Thoughts There's not much Kate has going for her that is until very recently. At a private and secluded place she's found that paradise comes in all shapes and sizes And by golly she's going to enjoy as much as she can. For a few days she's been 'spying' on one of the most beautiful man she's ever laid eyes on. Garrett has also found the scenery and seclusion peaceful and relaxing. He's on a mission to rescue his wayward younger sister unaware that he has captured the eyes of Kate. At their [...]

    24. Anna

      With his divorce freshly finalized, Garrett intends to hunt down and kill the man who tried to destroy his life. He didn't count on running into Kate, a flirtatious and naive servant girl who gets his pulse racing in a way only one other woman has ever managed. But when he finds out Kate is the sister of the man he's looking for, Garrett is certain she's been using him, seducing him to allow her brother a chance to get the jump on him.For her part, Kate is instantly drawn to the muscular and mys [...]

    25. Nely

      We originally meet Garrett in Ms. Haymore's, A Hint of Wicked. There you find him fighting for his wife, Sophie, who after years of believing he is dead, has fallen in love and now married to Tristan, none other than Garrett's best friend. After a couple of scuffles, a very "sexy" fantasy, and a wild chase along the countryside, Sophie makes her choice and Garrett finds himself in the midst of a divorce.On the search for his enemy (and luckily for him), he somehow finds himself bathing in Kate's [...]

    26. Lover of Romance

      When Kate, on her way home, stops by her special place, a pool, she see's a bronze naked god of a man swimming, and finds herself watching him. And each night she watches him for eight days, but then one night, he looks right back at her and finds her hiding behind a bush staring at him. At first Garrett, is shocked when a young but beautiful woman is watching him from the bushes. Garrett knows he can't afford to trust anyone right now, especially a young woman who gazes at him with such trust a [...]

    27. Sarah

      Usually romance series are very contrived, a minor character from the romance you loved is brought out to find their happy ending in a situation completely divorced from the one you loved in the original book; in other words, a story that could have been told just as well as a stand alone romance. In this case, the sequel is truly a continuation of the previous book. While Wicked had a clear ending point (it centered around Sophie finding her true love, after all), there were plenty of loose end [...]

    28. Jennifer

      From my blog[return]Before A Touch of Scandal, there was A Hint of Wicked by Jennifer Haymore, a novel I have not had the pleasure to read, rest assured that will be remedied immediately. A Touch of Scandal is an exhilarating historical romance, which can easily stand on it's own merits written with a fluidity of prose that renders the reader back to England in the 1820s. Her characters are quite realistic and her descriptions leave little for the reader to imagine as one feels as though one is [...]

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