The Snowflake

The Snowflake Sm Quarto PP Micro Photography Captures The Fleeting Beauty Of Nature s Art

  • Title: The Snowflake
  • Author: Kenneth Libbrecht
  • ISBN: 9780896586307
  • Page: 151
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Sm Quarto PP.112, Micro Photography Captures The Fleeting Beauty Of Nature s Art

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      151 Kenneth Libbrecht
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      Published :2019-02-11T17:59:10+00:00

    One thought on “The Snowflake

    1. Carol

      What an excellent book! First the photographs are amazing. The photos are beautiful, each one so unique. The snowflake is truly a temporary work of art. In order to capture these images, the photographer had to quickly photograph each individual snowflake as it fell in seconds. A fallen snowflake starts to lose it's it's shape in seconds. (Actually "snow crystal" is the term for snowflake.) A snow crystal refers to a single crystal of ice. Snowflakes are a mystery due to their complex and symmet [...]

    2. Julia

      This is an incredible book; Kenneth Libbrecht is a professor of physics at Cal Tech, and his close-up color photographs of snowflakes is truly miraculous. I've given away several copies of this book and cannot recommend it highly enough. His work was even honored on a stamp (back when they were 39 cents). The website to see more of these breathtaking images is: itsltech/~atomic/snAnd many of his snowflake books and products can be found at amazon/s/ref=nb_sb_nosIf you want to add magic to your l [...]

    3. Bill Kubeck

      Mind-boggling. I knew a lot about snowflake physics, but this book increased that by 5 or 10 times at least. And the photography is beautiful beyond my ability to describe. You must read this book

    4. Zuzana

      A *wonderful* book! You'll never look at snow the same way. It not only shows you fantastic detailed photographs that reveal the beauty of different snowflake structures, it also explains all about how snowflakes are created, what conditions how they look, why every snowflake is different, even why snow is white! Very very cool indeed. Literally and figuratively.

    5. Julie

      What a beauty! I have to say this was such a seasonal read for me, it has made me appreciate the snowflake and the wonder of it all at a new level. I'm not a super science person, but this was very readable and enjoyable. The amazing photography was total eye candy and helped balance out the science of it all.

    6. Margaret Klein

      Snow day with no Hebrew School. I had planned to use this book this weekend but we got snowed out. The photography in this book is stunning. Paired with readings about snow, it makes for a lovely, winter's Shabbat service. I teach that everyone is created in the image of the Divine. And everyone is unique. And all means all. Snowflakes illustrate exactly this point. Every year I have students write a blessing for snow. After 8 days of snow every day, I needed this book again. As Henry David Thor [...]

    7. Tracy

      As someone who has developed a slight obsession with photographing snowflakes (snow-crystals) over the last two years I found this book to be very helpful in understanding the science behind snowflakes, their formation and the different types. This book includes a classification chart that I hope to use next winter when I spend hours outside attempting to photograph snowflakes. The photographs in this book are simply amazing and I'd love to have the same photographic equipment and setup that the [...]

    8. Ruth

      Reading somewhere about a boy asking his father: What is a snow flake?The father didn't know how to explain what is a snow flake"I too didn't know, so I read the beautiful bookThe Snowflake: Winter's Secret Beauty.I enjoyed it.Simple testAmazing photos.

    9. Elizabeth

      The weather has inspired me to read snow-related books, so I’ve been reading this one and The Snow Tourist at the same time. According to The Snow Tourist, the author of The Snowflake, Kenneth Libbrecht, is actually the foremost snow scholar of our time, following in the footsteps of Wilson Bentley (who first photographed snowflakes) and Ukichiro Nakaya (who first made artificial snowflakes so he could study them).I didn’t realize until about 30 or so pages in that the author was a scientist [...]

    10. 박은정 Park

      1.사실, 이과생이라고 글을 못써도 된다는 건 정말이지 '천만의 말씀'이다.원문이 아니라서 그런지 글 자체가 그렇게 감명을 주고 마음을 울리게 하는 정도는 아니지만 (요새는 매우 뛰어난 번역본들도 많이 나오는데 이 책은 그에 해당된다고 하기는 어려울 듯 하다)분명 다듬어지지 않은 유리구슬과 같은 아름다운 표현들이 너무도 많다.2.지은이는 자신의 연구가 인류에의 공 [...]

    11. Taina Virsula

      Todella kiehtova kirja lumihiutaleiden salaisesta kauneudesta upeilla kuvilla maustettuna! Kirja oli selkeästi kirjoitettu, joten minäkin pysyin fysiikka-osioissa kärryillä. Kirjan luettuani katson lumihiutaleita varmasti aivan ei tavalla -mitä ne todella ovat, mistä ne tulevat ja kuinka ne syntyvät. Nyt pitäisi vain malttaa odotella hetki lumihiutaleiden putoamista :)

    12. Melissa

      dan got me this book for christmas. the photographs are amazing and the text is SO interesting. it's an in depth look at how snowflakes become snowflakes. the man is a physicist and has researched them for years! i didn't know there was so much to know about them. it made me want to go on a snowy vacation. i really liked it.

    13. Jon Terry

      a great mix of the physics behind snowflakes and their beauty. it's full of pictures using state-of-the-art photography of individual flakes. the author is a physics professor that actually specializes in snowflake research. it was fascinating to learn just how they're made, which in turn made them even more beautiful.

    14. Melissa

      I got this off the outlet on for less than it would cost to drive to a store to buy it ;) I love the pictures and I have always had a deep facination with snow. Fairly informative. I want to find another really cheap copy and tear out the pictures and frame them :)

    15. Faith Hough

      I shared the photographs and bits of text with my daughters as an expansion on the picture book about snow that we read, then read the whole book for myself. I really enjoyed it! (And the photos are breathtaking.)

    16. Mary

      I learned allot about snow from this book and saw even more pretty pictures of it. It contains not only the science of snow but also lovely quotes heading each chapter and some historical information.

    17. Darleen

      Snowflakes snowflakes snowflakes.have you ever stopped to consider one??next time it does snow just take a few min's to check one out.i've been known to lay there for hour's freezin, just lookin and lookin and lookin.( and yes i DO know that i am CRAZY, but that is why you love me. )

    18. Dottie

      While I likely wouldn't have bought this, I might at least have been tempted. fortunately, this was gifted to us by my brother-in-law so we can not only read about thesse intriguing selicate fleeting myteries but look at the amazing illustrations which fill this book at our leisure.

    19. Jane

      I came across this book in my son's school library and had to check it out. It's worth a look just for the outstanding photography, but the text is also extremely informative and engaging. I'll be getting out a magnifying glass next time we have a snow storm!

    20. Avery

      I think it's a good book-- but it's more of something to put on your coffee table, or something you have just to look at the pretty pictures. It's more like a little kids book than an informative one.

    21. Shaxar

      A very interesting read! I've always loved snow and thought snowflakes were so beautiful, and it was fascinating to look at some of the science behind how those amazing little crystals are formed. And the photography here was just fantastic! <3 I'm very glad I picked up this book.

    22. Darcy

      stunning photographs, thoughtfully written with a mix of storytelling, awe for their beauty, science and history. I enjoyed learning all sorts of amazing things about snow. Wow, wow, wow.

    23. Mellissa

      I can't believe the photographs in this book are real! I think it is another wonderful example of Heavenly Father's miracles not to be overlooked! Stunning!

    24. Barb Bailey

      Microphotographs of real snowflakes show the amazing beauty and science behind nature's creations. This year his photos were honored by the U.S. Postal Service in a set of holiday stamps.

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