The End of the Pier

The End of the Pier In a sleepy resort town Maud Chadwick waits tables at the Rainbow Cafe Her confidant is Sheriff Sam DeGheyn and what they have in common is obsession Maude doesn t want her son to leave home and Sam

  • Title: The End of the Pier
  • Author: Martha Grimes
  • ISBN: 9780345376572
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Paperback
  • In a sleepy resort town, Maud Chadwick waits tables at the Rainbow Cafe Her confidant is Sheriff Sam DeGheyn and what they have in common is obsession Maude doesn t want her son to leave home, and Sam cannot let go of the unsolved murders of three local women or his intuition that the killer is still out there How these lives intertwine reveals a rich and startling sIn a sleepy resort town, Maud Chadwick waits tables at the Rainbow Cafe Her confidant is Sheriff Sam DeGheyn and what they have in common is obsession Maude doesn t want her son to leave home, and Sam cannot let go of the unsolved murders of three local women or his intuition that the killer is still out there How these lives intertwine reveals a rich and startling story of parents and children and the pain they cause one another Gripping CHICAGO SUN TIMES

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    One thought on “The End of the Pier

    1. Holly

      I didn't like this like I do the Emma Graham series. I really enjoyed Sam but the rest I could have done without.

    2. Bobbie

      I loved this book. It is the prequel to the Emma Graham series which I read first. I don't know if I would have enjoyed this one as much if I had not read the series first. So reading them backwards seems to have worked very well for me, since I enjoyed having already been acquainted with the main characters. I was glad to get to know these main characters better in this book, since they seemed rather sketchy in the series. This book had a much more satisfying ending than the later books, as wel [...]

    3. Data

      Mothers and sons; fathers and daughters; and murder. This is my favorite of Grimes' mysteries. I had to read it a second time just to savor the idiosyncrasies of her ordinary and far-out characters.

    4. Gabby

      I've never been able to "get" Martha Grimes. It's not that I outright don't like her books; it's more that I just don't know what she's trying to get her characters to convey. The End Of The Pier is the perfect example of this. I'm not sure if the characters in this book are deep (as in profound thinkers), crazy, or maybe just flat out stupid.There's a serial killer loose in Elton County, a small town-America rustic area, only no one seems to have put together the clues indicating that the murde [...]

    5. Sarah

      Hard to get my head around this book having been written BEFORE the Emma Graham books as the world that is pictured contains Emma's world so seamlessly. The characters and the place feel so real they could be real, but that's probably just the artistry of the author. Obviously they are based in her childhood world but she has spun a web with cunning and passion.

    6. Reggie Billingsworth

      Despite the evocative title (I asked myself, was I attracted to it from some other author's similarly titled work?) this Martha Grimes novel was for me just plain strange and tiresome. The characters while intended I suspect to be profound and deep, I found erratically grouchy, accusing, despairing and truly screwy when it came to wallowing in Grimes's special kind of melancholy world this case a woman who's upset over her son's departure to college. Wha? A sad commentary on someone who clearly [...]

    7. An Odd1

      Not to my present interests, so quit early. An unambitious waitress, after work in a pokey redneck cafe, drinks martinis alone at the end of a dock, to observe lights from a summer cottage party across the lake, seek meaning in poor poetry, avoid participation in life, and wish her son not to leave for university early. I could not be curious about the where, who, why, and obscure un-rhymes, enough to read beyond a tiny positive - wry humor from a silent customer and his quiet pal, named for the [...]

    8. Jacque

      This book is very hard to describe. A lot of it takes place in the minds of two people, Maud and Sam. Maud is a single mother, whose son has left for college. She has a very strange way of looking at the world around her. She is always an observer, almost voyueristic. Sam is a sheriff, whose knows his wife is cheating on him. He stakes out all the lonely women in the county, trying to prevent the next murder in a chain no one else can see. Maud's son also gets his own story line, which plays off [...]

    9. Katie Lynn

      A bit disjointed, I thought. But I didn't know who the killer was until it was revealed. Partly because it wasn't that intriguing, almost like that was an entirely side story or something. odd. I'm not sure which characters you were supposed to like or not like. Nice to not have it ridiculously mapped out for you, but also would be nice if you were interested in them or the story.

    10. Erika Nerdypants

      My first Martha Grimes mystery, and I expected much more from what others told me about this author. The plot was confusing, there were too many people with names like Bubba drinking too many Buds. Unless this is very different from her usual style, I wouldn't read her again.

    11. Nancy Ellis

      I've enjoyed all of her Richard Jury books, but I really did not care for this stand-alone. I almost put it down but decided to keep on going. Both the story and the characters are depressed and depressing. I'm glad it was not a long book.

    12. Chuck

      I don't have much to say about this book, however, I do not want to meet any of the characters and don't want to visit their towns or homes. A study in aberrant behavior that is neither funny, clever or entertaining.

    13. Victoria Miller

      This book strayed outside my comfort zone so far as mysteries go. Don't care for graphic violence. Also, it seemed to veer all over the place. While there were some interesting character portrayals, it just didn't seem to go deep enough into the characters to make them seem like real people. It's a small, short book, but I found myself feeling annoyed that I wasn't able to like the book overall. I've read other books by Martha Grimes which I've really liked. This one, I could have done without.

    14. Melanie

      Sort of boring, at times it be difficult to understand why the author is taking the story it does. It's more a story of parents and children than a mystery. She writes quite well but I was glad to end this one.

    15. Lauretta

      Nonostante il titolo da romanzo harmony, in realtà si tratta di un giallo. Ma la trama è talmente frammentata e confusa che forse sarebbe stato meglio se l'autrice si fosse data ai romanzi d'amore

    16. Andi

      Literary and rather dreamy heroine (who nearly drove me mad a few times with her babbling), and several literary nods in the story. It was slow-going at first, but I liked it.

    17. Heather

      This one's a bit different from her previous books. There's no Detective Richard Jury, and the story is set in America rather than England. Most of her books also start with a murder scene, but this one slowly builds to it, as we learn that there were previous murders. Sam, the sherrif of the small town, believes they've had the wrong man in jail for years now. His boss doesn't want to believe it, and Sam seems to be the only one trying to figure out what really happened.The characterization is [...]

    18. Kelly

      Rating: 3.5 starsThis is the first time I've read Martha Grimes, so I really didn't know what to expect. It's about 10% mystery and 90% character-driven. The story takes place in a small New England town where several women have been murdered in a similar fashion. This mystery, however, isn't explored very deeply. I loved the character of Sam (the small-town sheriff), and his interactions with Maud (divorced mother, waitress) made me chuckle many times; his quiet exasperation with her was very f [...]

    19. Jan C

      I loved this book. I always thought it took place in Maryland but after reading a subsequent book, believe it must have been in the Southwest.I think one reason I liked it so much was because it reminded me of my aunt's cottage on the Magothy River in Maryiand. They had a pier, they were right near an island where the wealthy people lived, Gibson Island. And there was a bar down the road that sold kids pop out of the back door. It just all seemed very familiar to me.I'd never felt that in a book [...]

    20. Ann Aldrich

      this is a non-Inspector-Jury, non-English-pub Martha Grimes book. apparently she was just on a break,,since there are ten or so more Jury books subsequently. what is typically Grimes is that the story is almost completely introspective. there is very little active plot -- just lots of flashbacks. the resolution is unexpected, since it happens suddenly and is a sharp change from the hypnotic pace of the previous 98 percent of the book. I actually liked it better than most oof the Jury books, beca [...]

    21. Always Pink

      This book is a gem. It is not only one of the finest crime novels I know, but also a detailed description of a writerly mind-set (watching not doing) plus it also gives a nuanced portrait of several forms of depression. That might perhaps not sound like an ideal mixture, but astoundingly makes for a whopping read as Martha Grimes knows what she is doing. Writing is masterly, not a single word here is out of place, the setting is as solid as cast iron and the cast a bunch of fierce, sensitive, br [...]

    22. Edward Creter

      This is a departure from her Richard Jury novels but I think you might enjoy this one. In a quiet town, three women are brutally murdered by a man who hates women to the core, but ironically it's not the male sherriff--but his wife!--who stares her killer down and solves the murder. Cool!The descriptions of the small town of Hebrides adds flavor and suspense, and the soiree is straight out of F. Scott Fitzgerald, who I think woulda been proud of Ms. Grimes. She's one of the best mystery writers [...]

    23. Melissa

      This is a tough one for me. I so enjoyed Hotel Paradise by Martha Grimes and immediately set out to read some of her other books. I was excited to see that this one, although written quite a few years earlier, had some of the same characters as in HP. However, Maud and Sam just weren't as appealing in this book. The book itself is nicely written and is a fairly quick read. It really delved in to the strong and yet delicate mother/son relationships. Not to through the baby out with the bath water [...]

    24. Emily

      For fans of Grimes' Emma Graham series, this book is novel in that it gives a little bit of an adult perspective on the town and townspeople 12-year-old Emma describes. It's not a particularly strong mystery, but more of a blending with a dramatic, character-based story. It is dramatic and well written, but only one of the several plot threads is resolved. I imagine Grimes meant to revisit these characters, but moved on to Emma as a way to do that.

    25. Harry

      After reading Cold Flat Junction, I thought I had found an author I'd really enjoy but this one was a lot less satisfying. The crime descriptions seemed unnecessarily gruesome, there were not enough clues or twists to make it a good mystery, and the characters weren't that believable. I am getting the feeling that Grimes is all about character and if you can't believe the characters you don't enjoy the story.

    26. Carolyn (in SC) C234D

      The story idea was good--a serial killer had been killing women in a resort area, and the wrong man was convicted--but Maud, the main character, was very annoying to me. I had no patience for her moodiness, depression, and odd behavior.(I really cannot remember any details. This is what I wrote seven years ago when I read it. A disappointment to me, a Martha Grimes fan.)

    27. Diane Large

      I love the Richard Jury mysteries with his quirky group of friends. The characters in the book were weird! They were interesting, however, I had a hard time figuring out what in the world Maude and Zero's mother were thinking. The story ended abruptly with the killer appearing on the pier. Not the best of Grimes for me.

    28. Jan

      Not your average Martha Grimes novel. The End of the Pier is NOT a Jury-Plant mystery. I'm not even sure it's a "mystery". It takes place in America & is a crazy mixed up mish mash of several different stories that may or may be not related. It was ultimately readable after I picked it back up again. The ending was smashing!

    29. Lexi

      I usually don't like suspense that doesn't help you figure out whodunit, but this was absorbing, personal, and well-crafted. I don't always like Grimes, but this one was great. I'll look up some others.

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